Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Now and again I can get a little down that I don't have anyone in my life to share time with. I'll have a week here where I'm lonely and then, the next week I feel good that I'm not tied to some less than best relationship.

My friend back home is getting married this summer and her sister emailed me to see how I was doing and get caught up. I told her..."Well I'm as single as it gets and I'm looking for a new job that I'll move for." She sent me back an email that I thought was eye opening.

So let me list off the reasons why you and I should all embrace the moments of singleness.

10. No messes to clean up that aren't yours

In my case, I have a dog...but I swear she neater than I am. I need to be cleaner.

9. No arguments over what to have for dinner.

I remember when I was married my husband actually said "We are doomed!" all because he and I didn't know what to eat for dinner!

8. You can decorate your place however you like!!

That's a big one for the ladies! Girls never like having a neon beer sign in the living room.

7. You can go to the gym whenever you want.

I don't need to go home first and check in, or pick any kids. I can just go and bust my buns

6. You don't have to listen to anyone snoring or stealing the covers.

I think every guy I've dated has snored in some capacity (drinking involved) I never had the covers stolen, just kicked off because they were hot and sweating in the bed! EWW!

5. You don't have someone spending all your money for you/on them.

Seriously in this economy, I can't afford to date someone. I can barely afford food for myself, let alone some bottomless pit of a guy.

4. You don't have to worry about when "someone" will call you back.

I always hated the feeling when I had a boyfriend and they would take their sweet ass time getting back to me. Really? I call at noon & the soonest you can get back to me is at 8:30pm? Send at least a txt saying you're busy but will call as soon as you can!!!

3. No one to take you for granted.

This is huge for me. My ex-h thought that I would just take it cuz we were married. The rest would just be in to themselves and wanted me around when they wanted me around.

2. No one to disappoint you.

My ex-h actually told me this once when I was bummed out that I wasn't dating anyone. He said "Erin you don't want to date anyone right now anyway...cuz they'll just disappoint you." It's kind of true. I don't have to worry about any of that.

1. You can do WHATEVER you want WHENEVER you want!

Ahh absolute freedom! If you want to go to bed at midnight...do it! Go on a trip to Europe...do it! Spend too much money at Macy's...do it!! You are in control.

I say all this but, it would still be nice to have somone to spoon.


Erin Austin said...

I forgot this one....You can go to the bathroom with the door open!

Pete said...

hehe, its funny u say that, cuz there was a time when an old friend of mine and i were roomates for like 4 years. not only did we leave the door open when we went potty, she would march right in go if i was in there brushing me teeth or takin shower. funny thing is she was never able to do that with any of her boyfriends. (in my best edith bunker voice) Those were the days!