Monday, January 26, 2009


After I had a couple of interesting things happen to me this weekend I’ve decided that even though you can graduate, be in your career, and move all over the country: YOU NEVER REALLY LEAVE HIGH SCHOOL!!!

I honestly don’t know where to begin. I have so many interesting things that happened this weekend that it’s hard but I’ll try. This story has to be one of the biggest “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” moments I’ve had in a long time. So last week I ran into an ex while out with my girlfriend. We talked for a bit and got caught up. A day later I get a text saying it was good catching up and maybe we’ll have to do it again soon. I responded basically with yeah and that sounded good. Well I ended up going to an event with people from the gym. I ended up running into this girl that is a F%$& Buddy of my ex’s friend. I said hello to her and she asked if the ex and I were still together, I said “Oh no, we’re not. He’s been dating someone else, so whatever!” Then she tells me she’s in VIP so I should join her. In total I talked to her…what…1 minute? If that!

The rest of the evening I was dancing my butt off. I ended up booty dancing with some guy from the gym that I NEVER talk too. That should be interesting the next time I see him. Anyway, the next day I get a text from the ex saying that he wanted to meet up but he heard I went off on a tirade last night about what an A$$ hole he is and how much I hate him!!! WTF??? At first I thought it was a joke. I tried calling…no answer. No call back either! What? I tell him I have no idea he’s talking about in fact, the only tirade I was on was the one I had on the dance floor! HOLLA!!! I ended up calling him again…with no answer and sending him another text that read “point #1 I didn’t say those things, I have no reason to point # 2 What would I agree to meet up with you sometime soon and 10 minutes later tell someone that you’re an a$$hole and I hate you?” It just doesn’t make sense!!

So needless to say, I think I have an idea who said it and she better hope I don’t see her anytime in the near future because I WILL say something. Oh and I will climb her like a tree and poke her in the eye or smack her in the forehead! And another thing…I still haven’t talked to the ex. He’s never returned my phone calls or texts. Now, this is the part that doesn’t make sense. If I heard that he said that stuff about me after he agreed to meet up later…wouldn’t you think that you’d want to talk to the person themselves and put things to rest instead of just in a text? I would want to hear from the horse’s mouth what exactly happened. Isn’t that the mature and reasonable thing to do?

I mean, even in high school when some girl thought you were talking bad about her…she’d confront you in the hall about it and try to get your side of the story! This whole thing is ridiculous and I’m not sure why I really care. I have been more than nice and forgiving and though he has treated me bad in the past I think I’ve come to a point where I can say “Oh well” AND I certainly don’t hate him. Yet, this situation bugs me because #1 I didn’t do any such thing #2 it came out of nowhere #3 It’s ridiculous # 4 It’s juvenile #5 It makes NO sense. # 6 again I didn’t do it # 7 It’s unnecessary drama # 8 It’s without merit # 9 THE EX STILL HASN’T CALLED TO RESOVLE IT and # 10 IT’S SO HIGH SCHOOL!!!!


Anonymous said...

I knew things were like that at the club scene but I never expected that same drama at the gym.

Erin Austin said...

You know I'll admit there are times where I act like H.S too.

The random moments I go by someone's house...

Although I do my very best to stay away from crazy situations...but sometimes they like to follow me.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog Erin. You seem like a nice person. I'm just wondering where you're looking to find men. I've never seen a great relationship blossom after meeting at a club. Best of luck to you. From what I've read you're a very honest woman. That is very attractive.

Erin Austin said...

Trust me I don't meet guys in clubs maybe.

Actually the ex I talk about in this blog i met on a dating website.'s now Wednesday & the ex STILL hasn't tried to call or txt to talk to me about it. He just believes the other person. Unbelievable. Funny thing, I still have no idea what he's talking about.

AND the night club thing...I was just with friends dancing...and no meeting men involved in fact the guy I danced with I already knew...kind of. I just never talk to him.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you don’t have a man. You are smokin' hot, I would cut off my arm to spend one night with you. You seem so sweet, and cuddly I would scoop you up in my arms and carry you way and never let you go.

Anonymous said...

LOL! that the hairy monster from Bugs Bunny on the comment above? "I'll squeeze him, and love him, and call him George." ;)

Erin Austin said...

Update...tlked to the ex yesterday...and all is good.

I'm glad it's over because I hate drama and I like it when things are good. I'd like it to stay that way.