Monday, January 5, 2009


Many people make New Years Resolutions and I guess I'm no different; although, I don't call mine resolutions. I call mine New Years Improvements. There are a few things I need to improve about myself in 2009. There are also a few things that I need to accomplish in 2009. While I was in Oregon spending time with my family over the Christmas holiday, I noticed where I got several of my bad habits. Let’s start there.

NYI #1 Being messy
My house growing up was always a pig sty. I had always believed that it was just us kids that were messy. Well, I just realized I was wrong. Over that Christmas holiday I noticed that I was picking up after my parents. Tissues, napkins, pop cans lying where they leave them. I also found myself throwing things away that they were keeping for whatever reason. Things like a salt packet! Really? We're saving a salt packet? I can't be like my parents. I need to be clean. Now, I don't keep salt packets but, I do leave things around and I can't do it any longer. So, starting tonight I will go home and start the new and improved cleaner Erin. Little by little I'll change this bad habit. I will love to clean! Well, I hope I end up loving to clean.

NYI #2 Worrying about everything
My dad and late grandmother are the worrywarts in my family. My dad is more of the nervous Nancy than a worry wart. I also get the nervousness from him. I've already noticed improvements in myself on this. For instance, when traveling to Portland, I missed my connection due to weather. I had to get rebooked to a different flight and wait 3 hours in the airport. I didn't end up getting to Portland till past midnight. I missed a dinner with my friends at my favourite restaurant because of it. Yet, I was calm the entire time.

Some other things I worry about: life, career, money, relationships, getting fat, why people don't call back, why guys do the things they do, why people don't like me and why...I mean list could go on and on. I talked about in my last blog but, I can't worry about guys anymore. "Why does DD28 treat me the way he does?" WHO CARES!!! Lately, I started to repeat a saying over and over in my head when I catch myself starting to get bothered. I just keep on saying “To accept the things I cannot change and I can't worry about it if it doesn't affect me." When I start to wonder why my ex husbands gf hates me I think, 'She doesn't know ME and I can't change her feelings so I just need to let it go.' Or when I wonder a why a certain person didn't want to date me but someone else, I just have to think it's their loss and they have no idea what they're missing out on. Remember, worrying about something isn't going to change the outcome; it's just going to give you an ulcer.

NYI #3 Saving money
Now, I'll say this. I'm not in debt up to my eyeballs thank God. In fact, the only debt I have is a car payment; although, I'm not very good at saving money either. Maybe with the holidays passing I feel especially poor but, right now I look at my bank account and cringe. It just looks so sad. So, it will be this year 2009 that I transform into my grandfather and become a miser. Yes, than man that had holes in his shoes and would put the paper cup from McDonalds in the cupboard, yes I will become that big of a miser. Well...maybe not the paper cup thing. Remember, I need to work on being messy. Within a week I will work out a plan of how much money to save which leads to my last new year’s improvement.

NYI #4 Finding a new job
With WKTI being kaput, I need to find a new job. At the moment, I do have a new set of duties at the station. Something that doesn't really excite me but, on the positive side of things, it will be for me to learn and improve on. The new set of duties is not something I hope to do long term. So, I must look for a new job and right now that is difficult. There's just not much out there in my industry. I've even contemplated going into TV and becoming a reporter in a smaller market till I'm completely comfortable. Now, if I go that route I won't be making much money at all. I would take a huge pay cut and that scares me. Do I make a career move for a potential better future career or stay the course? It's a thought that has been running around in my heads for over a month now.

All of these New Years Improvements I will work my tail off to fix or make happen. Some will be easier than others and there will be times where I'm put to the test. I just hope that I can keep all improvements going for the entire year. NO quitters allowed!!

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Anonymous said...

I keep checking the station to see if you and Matthew are back. It doesn't sound like that's the case.

That's about as often as I listen to 94.5 nowadays. .....just a click to see if you might be on in the morning.....

Best of luck!