Tuesday, December 2, 2008


At this very moment I'm in my pj's on my couch. It's late and I'm yawning listening to Jay Leno in the background. I just spent the last few hours looking up job stuff and thinking about what I should do on the job front.

I talked in a few blogs about feeling lost. There are several layers to that. I feel a little lost on a personal level and then there's the professional part. Right now, I'm not exactly sure which area to focus my attention. Should I stay with radio? What about mornings? Or do I go into TV? And for that where do I start? That's an area that is somewhat new to me and I'm still learning about.

I know that things happen for a reason so whatever will be will be but, I do want to be successful. I feel good because I'm really starting to get my ducks in a row. I got a website that I'm starting. ERINAUSTINONLINE.COM...It's just in the starting phase but I'm happy I actually have it up. I also put together my own channel on youtube.com which people can check out. I'm happy with what I have done right now but can't wait till all these little projects are finished.

I'm also looking into doing TV hosting. So far, I found a few things and I actually have a bite for a gig in Houston. If that worked out it could get the ball rolling.

So wish me luck and we'll see what happens.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting this....as friends of mine are asking me all the time, "how's Erin?"

I like how you said, "what will be, will be".... and that is true. You'll find your direction, and as Shaun said in the previous post, people will relate to you again. It's just a time game right now... Don't let what's happening around us with the latest economic challenge, stop you. Go forth with all you have!

Anonymous said...

I only have 2 blogs I like to read on a regular basis so I'm glad you're back. Also, good luck with the job search.