Monday, December 29, 2008


For the past week I've been back home in Oregon spending time with my family for Christmas. It was a definite learning experience for me. I was at the beach with my parents for the first days brothers in sight. I started picking up on some of my parents habits that I think I may have.

First, lets start off with the fact that when I was a kid our house was always messy. I had always thought it was because of us kids but now spending a few days with the parents I realize that my parents are indeed messy as well. My place is messy. Not as messy as my parents but it disorganized and I need to clean it.

Then I realized that I think my mom is somewhat of a pack rat. She keeps things even though they are not needed or will probably go to waste. For instance, if they were to go to McDonald's and they got extra ketchup she might keep that in the car just in case they need it. What ends up happening is that is moves to another part of the car and then someone steps on it and it goes everywhere.

Not only that but she buys things that aren't needed just because they're on sale. Like last year when she called me from Target asking me if I wanted a flute. (Yeah they sell flutes sometimes at Target) She thought I might want it for Christmas. I had to remind her that I haven't played the flute since the 4th grade. She then told it was on clearance for $50. Granted $50 for a flute is a great deal but there was no need for me to have one.

Now, when it comes to my dad I realize I got his fussiness and nervousness. I can't believe I never noticed it before but it's true. He's nervous and gets agitated rather easily. He takes things very personally and worries a lot.

Now do I have all of the possible bad habits? To a certain extent I do. Not as extreme as those are but I'll explain.

I am messy. I leave my dishes sometimes on the living room table. I don't clean the dog hair up as much as I should. I leave my clothes laying around a lot. Which brings me to the next habit. Keeping things longer than I should. I've noticed I have clothes that I haven't worn in forever. Stupid little nick knacks and things that I look at and wonder "Why do I have this again?" And last, the nervousness and worry. I seem to be working on this already. I've started to let things go that don't effect me. I've stated not to worry about the little things. I'm not cured by any means but I'm making some great strides in changing.

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