Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For a lot of people this is a joyous time of year. Spending time with family, eating homemade meals. Spending time with someone special and exchanging gifts. So many people love the holidays. It's not that I don't but, my holidays over the years have been interesting.

I grew up in a very Christian home, yet we never really had a Christmas tree. Now, I will say that we were pretty poor but I do remember there being a couple years where we did have a tree. Past the age of say 6, we didn't have a tree. A couple of the reasons that my mom gave were...we can't afford it and...you kids ruin everything. I also knew at a very young age that Santa Claus wasn't real. So I was the kid that ruined it for my friends in the 2nd grade. The only taste of a traditional American Christmas I had was when we would go to dad's parents house and my grandma had the house decorated, the tree, and presents under it.

When I got older I decided that I want the traditional Christmas. So when I was married we would either go to my in law's where his mom made it so inviting. Or a couple of times we would have my parents in town for a traditional Christmas. When I dated Sean I celebrated my holidays with his family. They had family in from all over the country and we would all hang out, play card games, eat, take naps, it was great.

Now, after my breakup with Sean I've had several holidays alone. Can I just say it is difficult? I think most people would like to have someone around the holidays. Anyway, the first Christmas I was alone I decided I didn't want to just spend it somewhere at someones house. So, I decided that if I was going to spend it non-traditionally, that I would spend it somewhere I really want to see. So, I went to Paris, France. I went alone and walked all over Paris seeing all the sites. I'm very glad I did it, although my savings account didn't like it.

So this year, I'm alone again. What's the plan? Actually, I'm going home for Christmas...kind of. My parents decided to pony up what little money they had and get a condo at the beach for a week. Now, a lot of people might think this is great but, if you know what the beach is like in Washington...there's not much to do. And...if you meet my younger brothers you might not be too excited. Well, one of them isn't bad but the other one is hell on wheels. He's 22 and has the biggest chip on his shoulder. My parents said, "Erin you can bring someone if you want." I thought to myself "Hell no, are you crazy? Making someone hang out with the crazies for Christmas?"

Well, it will be Christmas with the family and even though it may not be traditional, my family may drive me crazy, and there will be someone throwing a temper tantrum, it will be Christmas. Everyone will be together and pretty healthy.


Trev said...

Why do you say there's nothing to do at the beach in Washington, especially in the winter? I dove into the water at Mukilteo beach in the middle of June and one of my nuts is still up in my abdomen.
The beach is supposed to be warm, yo.

busterp said...

Merry Christmas. I only caught about 5 minutes a day on the way to work but real people are much better than the station as it is now. It sucks. You should be able to pick up somewhere else. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree with busterp. When the format changed I emailed the station and told them I missed Erin & the boys.