Thursday, September 4, 2008


Some people may not like this topic. Some people may be offended. For that I'm sorry. But, I really do wonder if a relationship would be easier if I dated a girl. Now, I'm not really considering switching teams but I do have some questions about it.

The singer Usher recently made the comment that basically women date each other because they can't find any good men. Even though I think that statement is somewhat ignorant, I did wonder if that ever really happens. I had a college roommate that I recently discovered is dating a girl. To my knowledge, she had never even experimented with girls before that. I never got to really talk to her about it and what made her switch teams so to speak.

So would dating a girl be better than dating a guy? Would a girl treat you better? Would they take your needs into consideration more? Would they be more affectionate than a guy would? Would you fight as much with a girl? WOULD A GIRL CALL YOU BACK AND ANSWER YOUR TEXT MESSAGES?

I have a great set of PLATONIC girlfriends. We call each other to see how our days are. We call each other if ones is sick to see how they are feeling. We take care of each other when one is sick too. We do pretty much everything together including sleep in the same bed. We even get annoyed with each other. So, what goes on in a lesbian relationship that's different from that and different from a relationship with a guy or your best friends?

I don't know any lesbians here in Milwaukee. The lesbians I know don't live here and they all dated men prior to the switch. I would love to hear from women that are with women now but have dated men and what's the difference that they see in the 2 relationships. Tell me why it is better. Hell, just weigh in and tell what you think period.

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