Thursday, July 17, 2008


So tomorrow I leave for Rome Italy! Of course I'm super excited and at the smae time I'm nervous. With every experience I get a little nervous of what I may encounter.

On this trip like my trip to Paris, I will go by myself. I again don't speak the language or know anyone in that country but I'm sure I'll be just fine. When I was in Paris, I pretty much kept to myself and just walked around and soaked up all I could see. I'm excited to see a new culture and try new food. See how the people are different and the same.

I'm excited that it's summer so I can walk around Rome in shorts and sandals. I'll be able to lay out on the beach. That's one thing I'm doing at least once. One day of the trip I'll be going to Naples and the island of Capri. I hear Capri is beautiful so maybe some beach time there.

I'm looking forward to having reading time. I need to finish reading 2 books. Both of them will help me get a better understanding of self.

So we shall what happens!!

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