Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So over the weekend I was hanging with the girls. We went to the Hinder, Staind, and 3 Doors Down show. Then we met up with some of the Cincinnati Reds players who a couple of my girlfriends had met a couple nights prior to that. (Don't worry none of them hooked up with them) Needless to say it was one of the most random nights of my life.

First, we're at the concert grabbing some drinks when some guy comes up and asks us if we want to go backstage. We all look at each other and say "Why not?" So we head back but then we end up at the bus. We all made a pact that we we're not doing any drugs or getting it on with any of these guys!

We sat with Cody who is the drummer for the group. We just talked about what it's like on the road and life on the bus. Then Cody started dishing the dirt when some groupies showed up. These were girls that apparently follow the band from show to show! All in an effort to get with guys in the band.

One of the girls he told me has got it on with every band he can think of. Another girl slept with one of the guys in the band 7 times and each time he never remembered her!!!! Here's a pic with one of the groupies! And it's not me!

During the backstage experience we ran into some players from the Cincinnati Reds. My friends had actually met them a couple nights before that at Mi-Key's downtown. So, left and met them down at Taylor's downtown. The other girls hung with them, I was off talking to someone else.

It's bar time and the boys decide to go back to the Pfister and hang out. Well Bronson Arroyo is one of the pitchers for the Reds and he also is a musician. (Classic) Anyway, the girls want to go and I thought what the heck!

So Bronson busts out his guitar and we all start singing 90's rock songs. Pearl Jam and U2. It was weird. I felt like I was in high school all over again. It was so random. Some the other players were there as well. Paul Bako the catcher and Mike Lincoln one of the other pitchers.

And talk about random, Mike and I got to talking and discovered we lived in St. Louis at about the same time while he played for The Cardinals and we actually lived pretty close to each other too.

Over all it was a good time. Us girls kept our noses clean and had a night that you can chalk up to a night that we'll all laugh about for a long time.


Rebecca said...

LOL! I was going to post something similar....but you beat me to it ;)
And Cody said he had no friends... riiiiight! Lol!

AnnaK said...

erin. so funny! I love all of the pics! it must have been that kind of weekend - I ran into Gavin Rossdale at Broadway Paper - SO CUTE!!!

sheri said...

awesome! :) I had sooo much fun!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I accidentally found your blog (only because we have the same name) and I just loved reading about all your adventures so I figured I'd let you know! :)