Tuesday, July 29, 2008



I just got back from a trip to Rome Italy that I took by myself. Like my trip to Paris it was great to see another great place in the world. On this trip I feel like i had a better time. It is summer so there's fantastic weather in Rome and I was also in a better mental spot now then when I was in Paris.

at The Colosseum

The first site that I checked out was the Colosseum. It truly is amazing think of how old that structure is, what it has withstood and what crazy things happened inside it's walls.

So much history is in the area near the Colosseum. There's an arch much like The Arc in Paris.

Nearby is The Forum. An area that once was filled all kinds of structures and people. There's not much that remains but what does it still fascinating.

I walked around so much that I would just run into history. One thing Romans were famous for was chariot races. I found the land that once held these events...and it was disappointing to know that a stadium that housed thousands of spectators now is a run down park that you shouldn't go to after dark.

While I was in Italy I took an excursion to the island of Capri. I met a great girl named Vanessa from Singapore and we hung out for the day.

The Island of Capri was sooo beautiful. I would love to go back and stay for longer. The view from the top of the island was spectacular.

The food was delicious. I ate gelato for breakfast ...lunch ....and dinner. Although I did eat regular food.

I've got more to share so part 2. is coming....

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Drew said...

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