Wednesday, July 30, 2008


When I went to The Vatican I got to see what a lot of people all over the world wish they could see...and be for that matter.

I seem to always just run into places while I'm walking around cities. I found The Pantheon. One of the oldest structures in Rome. It's simply an amazing building. Here's a few pictures that I took. One is of the roof, my inside, and one of the outside.

Here I stumble into The Spanish Steps. It's by all of the shopping so of course I'd find it! One thing I don't understand is that all these people will just sit on the steps. Not sure what that's about but all hours of the day people will sit there and look around and face the fountain.

When I was walking around Rome I ran into to The Fountain di Trevi. It was packed with people. They say if you toss coins in the fountain...depending on how many coins you toss determines if you'll come back to Rome to getting word on how many coins I tossed!

Finally, I spent my last day in Rome at The Vatican, The Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. You've always heard so much about these places that when you're there it's a little surreal.


Sue said...

Erin - loved the pictures of Italy.
Wish I would have known you were in Italy the same time - I was there for 2 weeks with 4 other girls in our 30's - we rented a fabulous- huge Villa on the Amalfi Coast(across from Capri) and used that as our home base during that time. Rome, Positano, Florence etc. I'm also divorced and must admit your "rants" crack me up, I can relate. Your not crazy! I am guilty of not turning the radio on the in morning, but had I heard I would have passed an invitation along to you to crash w/us if you needed the entertainment - we had plenty of gelatto to share!

Hang in there. :)

Chi said...

Great pics from Italy...not that anyone was looking at the background anyways.