Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Last night I went to dinner with a few friends and there were a couple of guys there. As always the subject of dating comes up. All my friends and I are single. I chime in with the "what does this mean?" line of questioning to the guys. The guys stated that for some reason the men of Milwaukee will break up with girls around summertime so that they can play the field and do what they want with no strings attached. Funny thing is, this isn't the first time I've heard about this.

I was talking with my guy friend Joe, who mentioned this same exact thing. I couldn't believe it. What is with that? He said, that he knows it sucks but for some reason guys around here get weird around the summertime. He said he sees it all the time.

My friend Rachel said the same thing too. She even knows of a women that did it. So is this really happening all over Milwaukee? Are women getting dumped for the sake of men and their Summer freedom?

I know when I told my other guy friend Roy that Mr. X and broke things off that said to me "I'm sorry to hear that but there will be tons of single guys out there now, now that it is summer!" Seriously? Do I really want to date a guy that feels the need to be single in the summer? Say we date through out the winter and then he gets the itch again to put out his feelers...so to speak?

So does Milwaukee really have SUMMER BREAKUPITIS? How do we stop this before it becomes an epidemic??



jenny said...

Wow I just had a guy break up with me but he turned it around and said now that summer is coming you can go out and find that right guy for you hmmmm what he really meant now that I'm looking back on things(and reading this blog) is that now he can go find that right GIRL!
Now that I'm newly single and most of my friends are married with children and dont enjoy going out anymore how do I meet girlfriends that want to go out for some of our own summer fun? Erin how did you meet girlfriends to hang out with being new to Milwaukee?

Anonymous said...

It's really funny you should mention this. Yes I too have broken up with someone because summer was coming. It's so much fun dating around and so easy to meet someone in the summer. But, I think most of us outgrow this in our twenties.

PS-Love your blog. I glad you're writing again.

Erin Austin said...


Guys are truly something else...you never know what's going in that head of theirs. I'm sorry you were broken up with...it truly does stink.

I met my friends all differently...one from work...one through her...and one random emails. I know that sounds weird but so you know it's a great group of single girls.

You should send me an email and maybe you could join us girls sometime out. We always go out.

Rebecca said...

As I said...it's going to be the summer of Erin! ;)

A Puertorican in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin said...

Hi, Erin. I listen to the morning show quite often, and have been meaning to come here before. I have been following your story since the breakup. Anyway, when I was single, I did the breakup thing with this guy I was dating when summer started. Not that summer had anything to do with it...it just happened that way. Where I come from, is summer all year, so the "breaking up" for the summer here does not really bear any meaning down there. But I have noticed that here, and I also wonder, why would I date someone who wants to be unattached only in summer? IMO, is just a "hideout"; when these guys are really in love and ready to commit, they will be thinking of all the available guys outthere in summer who can snatch their girl if they let them go...funny how that all works.

Great blog!