Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Brad Womack the Texas hottie from Austin, that broke not just one girls heart, but broke two. We all felt for Deanna, the girl that is now the current Bachelorette. There stood Brad as he told Deanna what a great girl she was but he had to let her go. Even on the reunion show he told her what a great catch she was and that he think of her everyday. When she asked "So you think I'm all those things and you think of me all time but you're still willing to let me go?" He said YES!

How is that possible? Here's this great girl with all these great qualities and he would let her leave and go without a fight. I remember watching that and Deanna didn't get it then and I personally don't get it now! That sounds awfully too familiar.

This is the 2nd time that in recent months that this exact same thing happened to me. When Sean broke up with me he told me that I was such a great catch. I can remember him saying as I'm crying my eyeballs out, "Erin you're so beautiful, you're so funny, you have so much going for you." The only thing I could say was " I'm all those things but you still don't want to be with me.

Then the latest guy I was dating sounded like an echo of Sean. We had only been dating 2 months. Things were going pretty good. We spent a good amount of time together, we were in the stage of getting to know each other. Now granted, he was training for this race he was doing so he was a little preoccupied. Things were going good. He bought me flowers, with a sweet note and then a week later...BAM...WE'RE DONE!!!

What happened? What did I do?

Now some people that don't know the situation may have some opinions. Let me share some of things he thought and told me. He told me that he felt so comfortable around me, that he has fun with me, he loves hanging out with, I'm fun, I'm really funny, I'm smart, I'm beautiful and we click. Yeah he said that we CLICKED!!

So what happened to all of that? He tells me that all of that is true but something changed. HOW? How could it change so quickly?

Maybe men and women are different. I think men wait for the skies to part and angels to sing to fall in love with someone, where women....we just fall. Now I'm not saying I was in love with this guy...not at all. I will say I was actually really starting to like him.

All of the girls I know say that if they found a guy that treated them good, had their stuff together, made them laugh, they were attractive to them, they had a good time together, and most importantly they CLICKED...they would keep them around!!! I just don't get it. If I found all that in a guy I would want to see how things would go and make that person a part of my life...and I certainly wouldn't let them go.

It's not often that you find someone with all the qualities that you want in someone, especially being attracted to them AND YOU CLICK!!! All of that, we had! So how do you really decide something so big in a week? Why can't you just see things how go? Why is everyone in such a rush to decide their future? So why if you found someone with all of that would you let them go?

I know that Deanna didn't understand, and I don't understand. I feel like I'm failing at attracting good men. I know I like good guys...but the good guys keep breaking my heart.


Rebecca said...

Yes...we all face that sometimes...Lord knows I've had my fair share. But, look where Deanna is now! She gets to chose the one that's right for her!! Granted we won't have the opportunity to be the next Bachelorette....but it IS our choice, regardless.

Make your future what you want it to be. Live everyday like you have everything you could ever want. You ARE a beautiful girl, you're smart, and funny, and you are blessed with great friends, I might add ;)

Positive attitudes attract positive people. Including men. Stay strong, my friend...and Believe!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he does not like the idea that your life is broadcasted?

Erin Austin said...

You know I've always been afraid of that. Ever since my divorce from my ex who was also in the business, I've always wondered if I would find someone that could handle what I do for a living. nO only is this business unstable, but being on a morning show requires you to be open to talk about your personal life.

There are certain things that I know are off limits to talk about. Whoever I date if there's someting they don't want me to talk about they can let me know...but to tell me I could never talk about the man in my life is crazy.

Whomever I'm with i make a big part of my life.

When things were going great between the latest guy...I never had anything to talk about...in fact just 2 weeks ago I finally revealed on the air that I found someone i liked and was dating...nothing was dicussed...just a congrats around the room that things were looking up for me.

I know that my line of work is certainly different. I know that it'll take a very special person to date me. I've always said that I'm a "acquired taste"!

I'm not going to change what I do for a living...It's what I love to do...and I've wanted to be in the business of radio or TV since i was 5 years old..I just always knew!

I will say that it hurts me deeply to know that someone would not date me because of what I do for a living...I feel like a stripper!! GAWD!!

I can only hope that someone will one day appreciate all parts of me and my life.

Maybe i need to get my own reality show!!! I'm of course kidding!

Anonymous said...

It's easier to say than do, but you need to let it go. Move on. It happened. It's in the past. The future is right there. Right there in front of you. And "HE" might be right there!

There is a reason why this is happening. You don't know it yet. But you will. All questions are answered in time. And no guy is ever going to tell you the real truth.

Keep your chin up, smile lots and BE HAPPY with yourself!

Bill said...

Hang in there, I heard your show today, you're not crazy and there's nothing in your career that should scare a guy away.

Anonymous said...

You partially answered your own question - be more like a guy. Don't let yourself fall - keep your emotions out of it for as long as possible, and enjoy your time with any guy like you would with any of your girlfriends.

Have you ever read the book, "The Rules"? Good relationship rules to live by.....play hard to get, don't get attached before he does....

Rebecca said...


The last couple of posts had me google searching. Read this letter, written by a guy, and let me know what you think.

Trev said...

Do you think guys go after the on-air Erin and then when the novelty wears off they split? I know that sounds really bad and I don't mean it to be. I'm just saying that it's like when you take a drink of orange juice and you think it's milk, it's all very good, just not what you were expecting. On the exterior (radio) they see a bubbly attractive person, then in person they see the same things but with extra that you don't put on the air. They see that yes, you do feel pain, and yes, you are just a regular average person who wants to be happy like everyone else. I guess I'm more removed as I'm in STL and don't listen to the show. I read the blog and just see a person hurting.
You don't have to post this.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I was with a girl recently for about a month. We got along amazingly, had a ton in common, made each other laugh, enjoyed each other's company, had 4 fantastic dates...and I know a bad date when I see it, and we had a great chemistry. Much like your guy I sent her some flowers out of the blue prior to date #4 to cheer her up as work had been really hard for her lately and the weather around here had just been horrible. She loved them. Date #4 was another smashing success, then 2 days later I get the "I don't know what I want right now" email. A freaking email?

I don't know how things can change so drastically in 2 days let alone a week. Like you, I can't say I was in love but I was really enjoying her company and getting to know her and BAM! gone. Haven't heard from her since. Just another case in life where you just need to pick yourself up and move on. The questions will always lingere but that's ok, maybe that helps make us stronger. Maybe that helps us be deeper, wiser people. Or maybe it just drives us nuts...whatever.

Anyways, don't be hard on yourself because it's not you. One of the hardest things in this world is to meet another person that is looking for the same things you are, has similiar dreams, desires and wants that all at thes same time you do...let alone the whole physical attraction thing. That's damn hard! If it was easy there would be no Match.com or blind dates or any of that. So just stay strong and keep a positive outlook. You'll find someone. Sometimes it just takes longer than we want, but maybe that's what will make it so special when it does happen.


Anonymous said...

I think that perhaps after two months of clicking, Mr. X was trying to decide if there was a long-term possibility. Seems to me that your career will perhaps require you to relocate - does he want to? And if so, to where. Do you want to return to Seattle? Let's also not forget: children; money (spend/save); religion; sex(me/you/us); city/country; workaholic/stay-at-home; etc. Also, do you "have to" talk about your personal life on air. I know its a new format, but Reitman/Mueller did pretty well, and they infrequently talked about their personal life. On the other hand, your personal life is an ongoing media event; you write about nothing else in this blog. Do you really think Mr. X wanted that type of public discussion.

Erin Austin said...

after 2 months...some of those things aren't dicussed. Also, some of things are flexible. Do I want the most for my career? Sure, but does that mean for sure I'm moving somewhere? No...you never know what the future holds