Saturday, March 8, 2008


So I hang with a group of girls that are all single. There's a total of 4 of us. We all have careers, have good heads on our shoulders...and did I mention we're all single? Seriously, one of us maybe more sensitive than the rest. One of us maybe more quite and shy. One of us maybe more cynical. We're all different, yet, we're all very good and close friends. We pretty much do everything together.

So, why so I call my group of friends Milwaukee's "REAL LIFE" Sex in the City? Well I don't call us that because we're getting a lot of sex. In fact, like I said in my last blog..."We're all dry as the Sahara right now." We have dates here and there but nothing ever serious and nothing ever really goes anywhere. And that's OK...for the most part. I think there have been times where some of us might have been disappointed but we recovered quickly.

Think of the girls on the show. I'm going to describe of of the girls in our group. "Chloe" is a little reserved. She's smart. She has a great job where she makes great money. She is sweet and sensitive. I would compare her to Charlotte on the show...except "Chloe" isn't in a hurry to get married with kids. "Rachel" is the adviser in the group. She knows everyone in town. She's always looking out for us girls. She's super positive. Doesn't let things get her down. She has an essence of Samantha and at the same time has a little bit of Charlotte in her. Then there's "Melinda". "Melinda" has a great job that she's very good at. She's spunky and has a good sense of humour. And far as dating, she is the quickest to get over a guy. Gawd...I wish I could do that. I would say that "Melinda" is a combo of Samantha with a little Miranda and maybe even a little Carrie too. Now, as for me I think I'm a combo of all of them. I think I'm sensitive like Charlotte. I'm cynical and career minded like Miranda. Feisty like Samantha. And searching for answers like Carrie.

All of us girls like to go out to dinner and drink Martinis. We like to go to events around town and attend parties. We like to get dressed up and check out guys. (when there are some) And most importantly, we all talk about men, and relationships. We compare our experiences daily. Over dinner and drinks, we compare over the phone and at the gym. We talk through tears and through laughter.

So, that's why I call my group of girls "Milwaukee's real life Sex and the City". We are on the journey of love and life and I'm glad that I've got a great group to go through it with.


Anonymous said...

Dearness, your luck will never change with finding Mr. Right if you keep looking for him in the same places. You need to look outside the box to find something that you have not already found. :)

Anonymous said...

It's strange that you have to think outside the box to get someone in your box. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Babygirl, I think your giving it to much attention. Meeting a guy is not hard. No relationship is going to be perfect from the first or second date. Hold back the first couple times you meet him and maybe he'll turn out to be the man of your dreams. Nothing should be considered on the first date. First impressions are lasting, but can be renewed.