Monday, March 17, 2008


I had our producer Patrick tell me that he read this and thought it was me. Then I had my landlord tell me the same thing. I read the email...and I thought..."it could be me or about 20 other girls. " So read a little and tell me what you think. The only part that had me thinking it might be me was at the end when they talk about hearing the girl gripe about her dating life on her radio show. God knows I do that.....The article is called "How to date a local celebrity"...which I do NOT consider myself to see what you think.

Dear Anjl and Marilynn,
I am interested in this lovely woman who happens to be well known in the community/ "Jill" has had bad experiences in her past relationships. I would like to get closer to "Jill," but do not want to become overbearing and push her away, or appear to be shallow like her previous suitors. Being so popular, "Jill" is often quite busy at many events. How can I make a meaningful impression and show I am sincere in my intentions and get into her busy life?

Dear KFed,
Marilynn Mee: You may be surprised to know that we have some experience in this area. Enough experience that this is creeping me out just a tiny bit ...

Anjl Rodee: Oh, come on now. Local celebs need lovin, too.

Boy, this is tougher to answer than I thought it was going to be. Then again, I've never been in your situation, KFed. I do hope we come up with a good answer for you, though, because Johnny Depp will be in town soon ...

MM: When it comes to being interested and getting to know somebody and asking them out, it really doesn't matter if somebody is well known or if it's the girl that works at the dry cleaner.

AR: Absolutely. If you feel the need to call attention in any way to her notoriety, then maybe you need to evaluate your motives in asking her out. It does sound like it may be a factor in your interest in Jill.

MM: And anybody that is well known, whether by media, music or politics, will tell you that it is a concern: are they interested in me, or because I do what I do.

AR: It can be hard to separate the two -- when you are in the public eye, what you do does tend to define you. And you just aren't going to know who's interested in you for the right reasons until you get to know someone.

AR: It's just not going to work any differently with "Jill" than with any other girl. She's going to like what she sees, or she isn't. Her bad luck with men in the past is not something that you'll be able to hurdle with a great pick up line.

MM: By the way, I wonder how he knows about her relationship past?

AR: Maybe he actually knows her, hangs on the periphery of her peer group. Or, maybe he listens to her gripe about it during her radio show. Be your charming self. Be genuine. If she turns you down, I hear Meg Ryan is single now...

So, what do we think...I'm not sure. Like I said it could be another radio girl. Although, I'm not sure how many talk about their love life on the air.

You can read the entire thing online at I posted the link below.


Anonymous said...

Dearness, I must be missing something somewhere. How does a someone who seems so Beautiful, outgoing, and caring like you have such a hard time finding Mr. Right? Do you turn into an Ogre at night? Do you turn into a mega Bitc* when you are alone with a man? Or do you just need someone who knows how to treat you like the center of the universe?? :)

Anonymous said...

Who says 'Dearness'? We know why this guy is single. Creepy...

Anonymous said...

Dearness is a term of endearment, and who said that I was single? I have more then I can handle thank you very much! Because I know how to treat a woman which is more then what can be said for the "winners" that Erin seem's to be finding out there. I'm just trying to help her realize that she is a good catch she just has to swim in a differnt sea!

Anonymous said...

No where in the writer's question does he mention she's on the radio...only the respondent mentioned that. Am I missing part of the original letter?