Sunday, January 6, 2008


It may be a little delayed but I wanted to tell you how my trip in Paris was. I saw so many interesting things, meet some interesting people and learned some things along the way. The first day I was there I just walked around. Up and down the streets. At first I felt slightly overwhelmed. Listening to everyone around me and not understanding anything. The next day I went to The Louve and Musee D' Orsay. The Louve is huge. I didn't care to see everything there. The main things to see are the Venus and The Mona Lisa. I walked around look at various paintings and statues and then I walked down the Seine River and went to the D' Orsay.

I'm a HUGE Vincent Van Gogh fan. I get the calender every year with the artwork I have student made painting in my apartment of his work. I love it. I was so excited to see his paintings up close.

When you watch this video... I for some reason shot things sideways...That wasn't smart. I spent my Christmas at the Eiffel tower. I walked there from my hotel. It was a long walk but worth it. I can't tell you how excited I was to see it up close. When I walked around the corner and there it was... I squealed like a little kid. It was awesome!! I took so many pictures. Here's one.

I met this great family from North Carolina that in a way adopted me. they invited me to a cabaret with them. They invited me to dinner and then they trusted me to take their 16 year old daughter and her friend into a night club there. I felt so old in there!! Here's what that looked like. or boys in Paris are a little on the skinny side. I like a boy with some muscle...that's not that easy to find.

The same day i went to the Eiffel Tower I walked to the Trocadero and to the Arc D Triomphe.

In the evening they light the tower up and it's so pretty. At the top of the hour they make the tower sparkle!! I tried for so many times to capture the perfect picture of the tower at night. Here's a few.

I took a train ride outside the city to Versailles. This is where the palace that King Louie lived in. The grounds are beautiful. I can only imagine that in the summer that place is simply amazing. The only thing is...taking the tour is a long process. Getting my ticket took an hour..then waiting in another line to get in took another half hour. Then you get inside it takes a second to get round people because there are so many people in there.

There are so many more things I could talk about or pictures to show you. I had such a great time. There were times for sure where I got a little lonely. I would spend an entire day maybe saying 100 words and never actually having a conversation. There were times where I got a little sad because I sometimes wished I had a guy there. I'm in this incredibly romantic city and I'm walking around watching other people holding hands, kissing and enjoying each others company. I will say it would've been nice to have that but I didn't let it get me down. I spent so much time running around soaking it in that I never had an opportunity to dwell on it.

Over all it was a great experience for me and I'm now trying to figure out where to travel to next...even if it's by myself again.

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mary from michigan said...

erin i am so happy you saw paris!!!your pics reminded me of our family trip there.i would plan a trip to germany next and our exchange student i am sure would be happy to show you all around she is 29. belated merry christmasand my best wishes for you in the new year! remember me mary from michigan i met you on the plane from austin this summer i try to listen live to your show and i think you are fantastic!