Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Ever since I was a little kid I have been career motivated!! I knew from the time I was in the 1st grade that I wanted to be on TV or the radio. I had dreamed of being a newscaster as a little kid. Over the course of time, I decided I would be better suited displaying my personality. I wanted to see how far I could go with my career. A couple of years ago I decided that if I really wanted to take my career to the next step I needed to do morning radio...which is what I do now.

I always thought that a guy would appreciate a girl who has goals and knows what she wants in life and knows where she wants to go. I've decided that MEN DON'T CARE!!!

I know I'm not perfect. I know that I could have more money saved up. I could do more charity work. I could this and that...in the end GUYS DON'T CARE!! You could be a girl serving fries at McDonald's and a guy would ask you out! You could be in debt up to your eyeballs...guys don't care. You could have no motivation but just be pretty and guys would like you.

My friend Melissa and I were talking about how we don't get it! We are both have great careers. We have our own money and make decent money. We pay for own things, we aren't in debt. I think we're pretty funny, we're not horrible to look at, and yet, none of it even matters!! THE PACKAGE DOESN'T MATTER!!!

I was talking to a guy last night and he said that "If a girl has her stuff together it's just an added bonus." He would know too. One of the girls he recently dated had a less then desirable job...yeah! I don't need to say more. And here's me...another girl he had dated and yet he said I was "too put together" "Maybe you should tone it down." So what, I should dress like a slob, quit my career so that I'm an easier catch?

So why do I even bother?? What is the point of me trying to be this complete package..when a guy would just as soon date you as the girl that cleans his trash can at work? Since when is it a bad thing to try to be THE COMPLETE PACKAGE? The girl that has it all!

It's funny, I was talking to my ex-boyfriend Sean the other day and we briefly talked about how dating for me here in Milwaukee is hard. He had mentioned that he had gone on some dates but it's nothing that was ever going to go anywhere. Then I said how he had it a lot easier...He lives in a much bigger city(Dallas)with a lot more to choose from. And guys just want a girl that's cool and cute. Now he's a little different bacause he's pretty picky...actually really picky. I digress anyway, where as a girl looks for the complete package in a guy. He needs to have goals, a decent job, attractive, good to you, and depending on if you're a gold digger or not...you want the superficial stuff too.

Girls typically want the guy that looks good on paper...when all a guy cares about is if she looks good. Sometimes I don't think you need to be cute...maybe just the path of least resistance. I mean I'm sure that guys want you to be somewhat of a challenge...just as long as you don't challenge their masculinity! Remember, guys like to be in charge right?

In the end, I feel like you could be a mindless twit, just getting by...but as long as your cute you'll be fine. And the more you have your stuff together the more it hurts you. This mentality sends women back 150 years!!!

If I'm wrong and there are men that appreciate a driven woman with a plan and a passion I'd love to be set straight on this!!!


Anonymous said...

While I agree many guys seek the type of women you describe, not all of us. If you're looking for a life partner than intelligence, wit, consideration, selflessness, and compassion (just to name a few) are, in the end, the most important. Being attractive is the icing!

justathought said...

Hi Erin! First, there are some guys that do give a crap. The guys that don't, are the one's looking for a night or two of passion and that's all. I, being of the male species, look for the complete package. If a woman is not confident in herself, which is achieved by putting herself first in life, she may have difficulty finding a lifelong partner. Otherwise, a guy has too many questions about what kind of future they would have together (if that makes sense). Also, I only read your two most recent blogs and noticed you mentioned your ex-boyfriend in both. Why is he an ex-boyfriend if he's still very much in your thoughts? Just a thought. One more thing, from the pictures posted on the website and your obvious intelligence and security, you could have any guy you wanted. About the boob thing, I prefer nice legs and nice butt which I'm sure you have. Take care!

erin austin said...

I talk about Sean since he is an obvious point of reference in my life...I do still care for him and I enjoy still communicating with him. Although I know it doesn't mean anything other than friends.

I do think he's a good guy. He was a great person to have in my life for the amount of time we were together.

He said sweet things, did sweet things..he actually tried to impress me...I needed that. After being taken for granted for so long.


M said...

I have to disagree. Maybe the over-confident, "I think I am smarter than I really am" type of men feel that way, but I believe that those that are trully successful, and not just pretending, would much rather be with an intelligent, successful woman. I would much rather be with someone smarter and more successful than me, someone that I can learn from.

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin! I'd have to say that I agree and disagree with you. First, yes, there are a lot of guys out there that don't give a crap, but there are also just as many, if not more that do. As a guy, I personally, am kinda in the middle, but leaning heavily toward the complete package. Ideally, I would love to fine a woman who knew exactly what she wants, has confidence in herself, her skills, intelligence, is confident with her body, etc. However, I believe that if a woman is confident in herself and comfortable with where she is in life at the moment, but isn't necessarily the "complete package," that the rest will come in time. (not sure if that makes sence in writing, hope you get the idea)

Next, now, I don't read all of your blogs, but in the ones that I have read, this one and your new years resolutions most resently, you seem to really believe that all guys are extremely shallow when it comes to what they look for in women. Not all men are interested in women with DD's, and yes Erin, there IS such thing as a BUTT MANN. My last steady girlfriend actually fit into both of these topics. She was not the most attractive girl, now I'm not saying she was a dog or anything like that, she was cute, but by no means a "knockout", and she knew it and never tried to change it or worried about it. Also, at the time we were dating, the only for sure thing in her life was the fact that she was moving to Colorado to go to school. We would probably still be together if things had worked out. We even tried to keep it going after she moved, another 8 months actually. Anyway, the whole time we dated, she had a great confidence in herself and that was one on the things that I just loved about her. Oh, by the way, she was also a fairly flat chested girl, but it didn't matter at all to me, in fact most of the girls I've dated have been. Now, I only bring this up because you seem to quite abit. You have a very nice looking body that you should be proud of Erin. But if you are really so subconsious about the size of your boobs, theres always implant, though, I hope that you never consider it. Take care!

erin austin said...

No worries! I'm not getting implants!! I've actually never even had it as thought! Now maybe when I get older and my boobs are down to my knees....then maybe I'll consider it. But til then, I'll push through and be small and know that somewhere there is a guy that actually like them like that!


Erin Austin said...

Here's a comment that someone left on my myspace blog...it's a little harsh!!!!

From Allison in Dallas, TX

The problem is, you had the PERFECT guy and you let him go. You think your a "complete package", but in reality your a "complete package" with baggage.
I just found it funny (reading your blog) that you blame your in-ability to find a good guy on GUYS.
My 2 cents that I'm sure you wish I kept to myself. sorry.

Yikes!! Wonder if she knows Sean?