Monday, January 7, 2008


Have you ever taken the time to check out CRAIGSLIST.COM and go to the MISSED CONNECTIONS section and looked to see what people think they missed out on?

Every once in a while I'll check it out to see if I was ever the girl that some guy spotted while I was pumping gas in my sweatpants. But it's never happened. I wondered had anyone ever felt that way about me in my lifetime. Not knowing what I do for a living or who I am. Did anyone ever come across my path and think something great about me but let the opportunity pass them by? Sometimes I wonder about the people I know that I haven't talked to in awhile. Do you ever cross their mind and if you do what do they think about? And if they think about you, do they have good thoughts? What if?

I have noticed that a place to get spotted is Pick and Save! It's actually quite funny to see what people notice. For example, if you're a check out girl some place, you've got a pretty good shot of something. Or even if you're at a coffee shop you may want to act cool. It just is so funny to go through and see what people notice and what they are attracted to. Who is the person that they missed out on?

I thought about it a little more. Over our lifetime we meet so many people that we cultivate relationships with. Some are good and some are not. Some are short lived and some last a lifetime. I often think about people I've met and wondered whatever happened to that person? Where are they now? THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE SOMETIMES!

I know girls often think about about their ex's and wonder about them. But have you ever met someone randomly, maybe just in line at the grocery store and wondered later "I wonder what their story is?"

In that few moments that you meet someone, do you make an impression on that person? Do you leave a mark on them?

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Rebecca said...

It's funny....Ever since u posted this blog, I've been reading's "missed connections" to see if I might be one that's being sought out.....because you never know when that special someone may have "passed right by you" and you wouldn't know it (if they were too shy perhaps to say something). It reminds me of the book, The 5 People you Meet in Heaven.