Thursday, December 13, 2007


I feel like I'm in a Southwest Airlines commercial. Why you ask? Do you ever just do or say stupid things? I do. Lately I seem to do it more.I over this past week I've just been in different state of mind and I can't figure out why. Analyzing, worrying, and anxiety.

There were 2 moments yesterday where I was just an idiot!! And both of these moments can also be totally explained and understood.

Situation #1

Sean sent me back all my stuff from when I would stay a t his place in Texas. We've been broken up for 6 months. Anyway...I get this box and I was upset that he didn't call like I had asked and then he sent the box with no note! I was a little miffed and hurt. I mean come on! I dated this guy for a year and half...he could at least send a note with all my crap. Well i ended up talking to him and I said i was a little sad I didn't so much as get a note. He said " I sent one." I said "No you didn't it wasn't in the box." Sean then tells me that he put a note in my shoe along with something that he thought I would appreciate more then he would. So I go home and sure my show lies a note and a gift card for Tiffany's!!! Yeah the jewelry store!!! I felt like such an idiot!!! Now in my defense who thinks of looking in the shoe???? I of course apologize and and tell him Thank you...

Situation #2

Well I actually thought I had another one but it turns out maybe I was right to assume in the first place with this person and in this situation.

But situation #1 still stands

I know I have more that I've done. God knows I assume a lot. Sometimes it saves me. It's like a gut check...other times it just gets me in trouble.

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