Monday, December 17, 2007


As we've previously discussed before about me being interested in "the Bad Boy"and how it has it's trials and tribulations. We've also mentioned that this particular bad boy is not ready to date or date anyone in particular...which leads me to my thought.

I had a conversation with the said "bad boy" where he told me he wasn't ready to date and said I needed to be patient. OK...I get it...NO RUSHING THINGS! Now this guy hasn't asked me on an official date. Yet wants me to hang around for if and when he is ready. Not to mention the other girls he's been talking to. ( I think he feeds us all the same lines) I asked him..."what happens if I wait around and you can't decide...then what?" He had no answer!

Well I was talking with my friend back home and she said that I should NOT wait around for him when it's clear he can't make up his mind what he wants to do. I had already thought that. She was preaching to the choir!!! I thought it would be stupid for me to ignore what other possibilities are out there for some guy that's giving me the classic "He's Just Not That Into You!" lines.

I even said to him how I needed to turn my radar on. He didn't seem too happy with that idea but what are you going to do? Two can play this game. Not that it's a game...but there's no need to wait around!! Am I right? I like the saying..."The world is my oyster".

So would you blame a girl for going out with other guys? I mean seriously...we're not a couple...we're not dating...I guess you could say we've been talking. HOLY CRAP!!!! It's 2007 and that's all I can call talking!!! That's so dumb!!! You'd think a 30 year old woman could have something better than that!!! Oh well!!

So is what's good for the goose also good for the gander?????????

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