Thursday, December 13, 2007


Now since going back into the dating scene I've met all types of men. One type is the bad boy! We already discussed this. "Should you date the bad boy". Well there are so many factors that go into dating this person and so many tests that you are put through.

When you start to "see" or "date" someone you start to build on several pillars of a relationship.

In the past when I started dating a guy it is usually drama free. The guy has been into me and likes spending time with me. Tries getting my attention and so on. Calls me to see how my day is, wants to know when we can hang out next.

Now "the bad boy" doesn't want to date anyone seriously. Fine. I get it. Taking it slow. Right? That's the first thing. He wants to explore his options and date around. Which is weird for me. My experience has been that if a guy was into me he was into me. I never felt as if I has to compete for attention.

The "bad boy" also has an ex-girlfriend that won't go away. She is dating someone fact it's her own ex-boyfriend but yet she likes to keep her hands in "the bad boys" life. She wants to know if he's dating someone, and blah blah blah.

Here's the thing. This is all new for me and I feel as if it's a huge test. Will I pass the test? I know this guy is watching me like a hawk. Every move I make, things i I fit? I feel like I'm a little under a microscope. I mean shouldn't I have him under a microscope? I mean he's is "the bad boy"!
I mean I have my moments where I analyze. I have my moments where I am tough cookie. I have my moments where I just need a hug. I have my moments where I'm confident and I don't need anyone. And I have my moments where I do need someone.

I know in dating we pick people apart to see if they're suitable for us. Sometimes I feel as though I've been too picky. Now, I let my guard down a little and I feel as though it's backfiring on me. Now I'm being picked apart by the bad boy!

Why is that? Not to toot my own horn, but I'm going to be somewhat cocky here for a second. I have a great job, make good money, I don't have baggage (financial or personal), I have a good sense of humour, even though I have horrible grammar I think I'm somewhat intelligent and carry on a intelligent conversation. I'm an attractive girl.

Now instead of me doing the dissecting it's being turned around on me by a person who would be the most likely to end up hurting me in the long run. How is that fair?

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