Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This will be a silly blog.

I was walking around The Boston Store on a mission to find the luggage when I walked by the men's dept. and saw the underwear section. All the boxes of Calvin Klein underwear caught my eye!! Then and there it hit me..."I want to date an underwear model!"

Now granted the "underwear model" is probably dull, boring and more than likely has no personality but wouldn't it be nice to wake up and look at those abs every morning???

I've decided I don't need to date the hottest guy around(although that would be nice)but I take care of myself. I eat well, I don't smoke, I workout all the time. I think it's only fair that I end up dating a guy that takes care of himself too.

Maybe part of it is...well...I have a couple guy friends and they're really good looking guys and they're always interested in girls that are not cute...and sometimes not even nice....AND THEY HAVE NO PERSONALITY!!! I'll give'em that...they may have a nice body or they're flexible but seriously people give me a break!!!


Anonymous said...

Most of those underwear models are gay yo. It might not work out.

erin austin said...

That's possibly true!!! So in that case, maybe they can be the gay friend I've been looking for!

Jeremiah said...

Oh Erin! I'll be your gay boyfriend... Though I'm not underwear model material, but we could admire them together...