Monday, December 3, 2007


I know that may seem like a rather interesting request but I've decided every woman needs a gay man friend and here's why....

This weekend I was in L.A. for a workshop on TV hosting. I was in a class with about 30 of my peers and the instructor was the very handsome and talented Mark Steines, host of Entertainment Tonight. It was a great experience! I learned a lot. At the same time it was very humbling.

I think that I'm confident and other times I can be very vulnerable. Well, I went into this workshop with some confidence. I'm on a morning radio show where I need to talk a lot. I've done a bit of TV before so I thought I could hang. I got into this class and I internally froze. I was nervous, shy and intimidated. We all had to read off the teleprompter in front of the class and in front of MARK!!! I was one of the last people to do it and I was sooo nervous! WHY??? What happened to all my confidence? I went through the copy and was horrible. I tried another 3 times before finally getting it. Mark was great by the way. He gave me a few pointers and helped settle and slow down. So where does the gay man thing come in?

I was sitting in this class next to a fashion designer named Oren. Oren was so nice. The next day he came up tp me and said..." Um, yesterday you were great!" I said "What? I was horrible! I couldn't talk!" He went on to tell me that he could tell that I was a natural and he reassured me that he was NOT just being nice to me.

In class that day, we had a new speaker/instructor. We had some new exercises that we needed to do in front of he class. When I was done with one of them he told me that I was awesome!! I thought "I love this guy, He's so encouraging!" I decided then and there I needed to have a gay man friend of my own.

Here's why gay men make great girlfriends....
1. They are truly like a great girlfriend.
2. They give you their opinion good, bad or indifferent.
3. They tell you that you look good and how fabulous you are.
4. They help you out with guys and scope out the rats for you.
5. They are usually good shopping partners
6. They won't be afraid to tell you that indeed your butt does look big in jeans
7. They tell you when you're too good for something
8. They will never let you leave the house looking stupid(if you look good they look good)
9. They are catty but not too catty like women...if they are... they have YOUR back
10.They don't try to get in your pants!

Seriously, I could go on. So I need a guy like Oren. The guy I met in L.A. I need a great gay man friend so that if I ever need a pep talk I won't have the need to call my ex boyfriend for kind words. I will say Sean was a great encourager. But come on, I can't have him as my go to person when I'm down or need a talk.

So there it is. My formal request for a gay man friend.


Anonymous said...

O.K....Seriously.....did you notice that not one man has emailed you back on this one?? Not fair. My gay friends packed up and moved to I need one or two as well! Share in the love, sista ;)

Anonymous said...

I think what you really need is a straight man who will do the same things for you. You'll have found
Mr.Right if you ever hook up with a guy who can just tell you the truth. Without worrying that the answer will get him into the dog house.