Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Since moving here to Milwaukee, I've been very lucky to get some great girlfriends to hang out with so quickly. Melissa, Rebecca, Colleen. My landlord took my under her wing and introduced to Erin, Jessica and my new girly doctor. I know, TMI!!

Every time us ladies get together we always and I mean always start talking about our dating trails and tribulations. We talk about how picky we are. The things we wish guys would do and things WE DON'T.

Melissa and I went to Chicago over the weekend. We went to dinner, met people and talked a bunch. Now, Melissa and I have a similar situation. We both moved to Milwaukee for our careers not knowing anyone. We both had relationships recently end.(When I say recently I mean within the last year) Let's get back on track. So we were talking about a guy she used to date and she made this comment about his hygiene. I laughed hysterically. It was so funny, and then I chimed in with "Oh my gawd...we are so going to be single for the rest of our lives!" Now it's just kind of a joke we have.

I started thinking about something last night. How does anyone ever find someone? Seriously? I mean, your talking about timing in each person's life, if they're even attracted to each other, if they click!! There are so many factors. Of course, attraction is I think the initial factor. Then you got try to make the other stuff work out.

I know some of my girlfriends are PICKY too!!! They always seem to find something that bothers them. Some of it is major stuff. His outlook on life, goals, personality, and personal chemistry. Some of it is also surface stuff. His teeth, hair, habits, how he talks, he never laughs, he's dry.

I feel like sometimes my group of girlfriends are in a reality version of "Sex and the City" If you could hear the stuff we talk about and analyze!! Oh and we analyze everything!!!

So at what point does picky and choosy become overboard? It's not like we are on a quest to find Mr. GQ 2008. We all want attractive men with a good head on their shoulders. Not to crazy in the head!

And we've all noticed how small the Milwaukee dating scene is. I went on a date with a guy named..."Roy". And "Roy" had an ex-girlfriend and ex-fling and me...a girl he has gone a date with all in the same restaurant at the same time!! Yikes!! Now if that isn't uncomfortable. Oh and you know what? He still wants to "date"(sleep with) a bunch of different girls. I think he has a commitment/boredom issue with women. Sorry I'm off point again...but if Milwaukee is this small and so many people our age are off and married...where are we going to find a catch? Is there enough to go around? Do we need to start finding guys from Chicago?


Jay said...


I started to read your posting, and have to laugh. There are comments that come to mind, and thanks for the smiles! I understand completely what you mean by Milwaukee Single Dating life, I recently moved back to Milwaukee after living away for sometime and being engaged. I know that feeling, it is funny to see how people act with me about being single and not truly dating anyone. I'm not a small guy 6'4 and 260, and people look for the picture perfect person. You made comments in your last posting about BOOBS I can tell you I have never thoughts of that. I look more at the person if we get a long there is always a chance. But the sealer of the deal is can she get along with my Mother. She can be difficult but she is family!

I understand what your saying in your last two posts and agree with you. You need to find someone that likes Erin Austin for Erin Austin, don't change! You will never know who is the right person for you until you give them a chance, but YOU also have to stay open to new guys with backgrounds that you can learn from or even have a blast with.

We have actually met in some fashion before but lost track of eachother. I'm the guy with the 6 year old German Sheppard that looks like she is a puppy!

Best of luck!


Anonymous said...

My guess based on all your postings is that you are all about the looks. Would you ever date a bald guy?? How about a shorter guy?? My guess is you always go after the GQ guys and based on my experience they tend to be the most stuck up and shallow people (also big players!!!). I also think you obsessing about the boyfriend issue. You are young!!! Have fun with your girlfriends and be open to all types of people and you will meet that someone special. Just don't obsess about it and it will happen.

Anonymous said...

erin plenty of good guyd here. you may be just looking in the wrong places. If you go to the same kind of bars, hang with the same circles, you're going to meet the same kind of guys.

I give you allot of credit for putting yourself out there, and sharing youre thoughts with, well with all of Milwaukee.

Have you really not met any potential guys here? Or maybe you aren't truly ready to be dating again.
I know after my last break up, no one could have been right for me. The perfect person could have taken me out and I would have guarantteed that I would have found something I wouldn't have liked.
It has to be the right timing. Enjoy your single life right now. Have some time with yourself right now. When was your break up? Until some of the hurt has subsided, and most of the anger has disappeared, you arent ready to really date anyone. Don't get me wrong, have fun, go on dates, figure out what you like in guys. But have fun! You can always find something wrong if you want to.
But from listening to your show and reading you seem a tad angry with men in general. So I don't think it's Milwaukee that's the problem.
Perhaps you may just need to change your perception. And really put yourself back out there, when you are really ready. Meaning, to really put yourself back out there, means you have put down your anger and hurt, and really to put your heart back out there. Which unfortunately means you are putting the chance to get hurt again.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up. Seriously. I've read a few of your postings and, while I must give you credit for being so open and honest - almost to a fault - there were a few times I've thought "damn, this girl really needs to 'go bowling'." (or another variation of that) LOL Instead of worrying about all this crap so often, just let things happen, let men come to you. You're beautiful and have a lot going for you. I'm sure you get noticed. Put yourself out there. There are a lot of great guys in Milwaukee that are available. While I may not be one of them (I'm married), I have no doubt in my mind the possibilities are there for you.


Scot said...


First of all, about the boob thing. I can honestly say that I am not a "Boob Guy". My ex wife was extremely small and the kind of girls that I find attractive are the small chested girls. I have a fascination of Natalie Portman and you can't say she has a chest.

As far as the dating scene goes, just stop looking for the perfect guy. Don't pay such close attention to looks. Some of the nicest guys are the ones that look like they are "hard as***es". I don't notice things like that with girls. They are all very self conscious. I really shouldn't say anything because I am also, but I have a really good reason that I don't really want to explain.

I feel that if I'm every going to date again, it's going to be the girl coming after me. If it doesn't happen, then it doesn't and I'm ok with it. I've been through too much in my life to worry about "falling in love". I'd like to again, but it's not a priority for me.

Good luck and just keep your heart open.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Chicago is where its at.