Wednesday, October 31, 2007


HELLO I B T C!!!!!

I've always been a small chested girl. When I was in middle school I would get teased all the time by boys that I liked. They would say "Erin you're so flat you make the walls jealous!!" "Erin your chest is flatter than your back" Awesome!! My mother on the other hand was very large chested. I always tell people that I inherited my fathers chest. It makes for a good laugh and I'm great at self deprecation!

So what's my point? I guess I became aware of men and their fascination with breasts in a cruel way. Now I'm an adult and not much has changed. Men are the same. So I'm absolutely convinced that EVERY GUY IS A BOOB GUY!! If a guy tells you differently he is lying! I mean seriously, when a girl walks in a room and she has a big chest every guy turns around to look at her. On there hand, if you're a girl that's small chested FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

I've had guys tell me "Oh I'm a total butt guy!" I don't believe it for a second. You don't see thousands possibly millions of women in the U.S. getting boob jobs because the world is filled with "Butt guys". Women get boob jobs because guys like them and we as women are inundated with the thought that if you're not a 34 C or bigger than you're just not good enough.

And another thing, you never hear men say they like small boobs. Funny thing is, I actually worked with one guy back in St. Louis and he said that he liked small boobs and of course the girl he is dating is probably the biggest chested girl I ever seen! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?

I'm not going to lie!

Am I self conscious of my boobs now? SOMETIMES YES! (I actually apologized to a guy because they were small.)

Do I wish they were bigger from time to time? SOMETIMES YES!

Do I sometimes judge girls with HUGE possibly (what I would say) GINORMOUS boobs? Again...SOMETIMES YES!

And am I a little jealous? One more time... SOMETIMES YES!

Moral of the story is that guys are all BOOB GUYS...and I'm not sure that you can can convince me otherwise. If you can I welcome your response!


Mark said...

Ok, even though no one else dares, I must comment on this one.

Yes, men are attracted to shapely women, but that doesn't mean they need to fulfill a certain bra size before we'll go out with them. I for one couldn't tell you the bra or cup size of anyone I have dated and I have dated quite a few people over the years. I prefer someone athletic and in shape versus someone a bit heavier with large cans. I tend to think long - term and once that woman has children or hits age 50, those bad boys will be sagging beneath the waist line and then what?

I may not speak for all guys, but for me someone who can carry a conversation, laugh at my jokes and is a good kisser is much more likely to hold my attention than someone who was born with (or was bestowed upon by a surgeon) large breasts.

Anonymous said...

honestly. really? from your blogs sometimes I think all the guys you know love nascar, yell "get-her done", and love canned beer. Do guys love boobs? Yes, some more than others. Is bigger better? Man, sometimes maybe. The point youre not catching is everyone has their own tastes. And while we (men) look at girls with big boobs, the tuth of the matter is, the only thing all straight men like are "naked women".
Some like boobs, so dont as much, some like legs so on and so forth. Not every guy oggles a womens chest. And most women that get boob jobs are more so buying confidence than boobs. Its a shame that confidence seems to coincide with boobs. But to be honest, the sexiest thing in a women is confidence. Smaller chests can be just as, if not more, sexier than big boobs. I almost had to laugh that you "apologized" for having smaller boobs. Thats hilarious. It really doesnt matter. Honestly.
And I realize you have to be attracted to the person youre dating. I think thats very important, but not to sound like an after school special, but all that physical stuff is only fun for so long. I guarannttee if you ask around, most guys (ask the ones that dont think Pauly Shore is still funny) most guys would rather have a fun, confident, intelligent women that they found attractive. And Id be willing to bet they wouldnt think og "boobs" when describing their perfect date. Seriously though. Ask real guys instead of the ones you mention in your blogs that "stare at boobs" and consider "Hawaii" a heartbreak. You need to maybe meet better guys.

Anonymous #1 said...

Two words- Naomi Watts.

Two more- Milla Jovovich.

And two more- Sienna Miller.

'nuff said?

And yes, there really are butt guys- I am proud to say I am one.

Anonymous said...

After 34 years of marriage to a small chested woman I can honestly say ... Boobs are for kids. In every way possible.

erin austin said...

Ok so not EVERY guy I know likes NASCAR!!! I'm going to tell you this...I have NEVER heard a guy when a girl walks by reference her eyes, hair, butt or legs...I swear every guy I've ever over heard has made a reference to her chest...NO LIE!

Now for the statement:
“And most women that get boob jobs are more so buying confidence than boobs." I completely 100% DISAGREE!!! I can think of at least 3 girls I know that would get boobs because they feel like guys would notice them more. Sure would it be great to fill out a dress better? Absolutely, but why do you think women feel down about they way they look in the first place? It's because of what we are surrounded by...magazines, advertising, and the feeling you get when you see what a man ogles over.

Lots of men have a fantasy girl. I know that there are plenty of guys that have Jenna Jameson as their fantasy girl. Let me name off a few others that come to mind Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Selma Hayek, Carmen Electra, Petra, Anna Kornikova, Catherine Zeta Jones and of course Halle Berry...What do they have in common...ummm boobs!! Now some disguise it better than others but the point is that none of these women are small chested. I mean seriously, when is the last time you heard a guy say "I think Kelly Ripa is smokin" or "Nicole Ritchie is the hottest thing since sliced bread!"

Anonymous said...

kelly ripa and miss richie are the other extreme erin. you cant compare big boob gals to tanorexics

Katie said...

Okay,Nicole Ritchie is just hideous, boobs or no boobs. Like anonymous said, look at all the jaw-dropping hotties who are flat: Kate Hudson?? Hello, gorgeous. Audrey Hepburn? Beauty ICON and she was an a-cup. All boobs are are big blobs of fat anyway! So what if you're not playboy material -- would you really want to be judged on your boobs? p.s. anyone who has Jenna Jameson as a fantasy girl has no imagination and probably no class anyway!

Anonymous said...

In my younger years I was a BOOB guy! I'll admit that... but when it rerally came down to getting serious about settling down and finding that RIGHT person boobs size was quite far down the list. I have been happily married to a small chested woman for seven amazing years. She express a desire to get a boog job but I keep telling her that I love her just the way she is andI really mean that!
Erin, the right guy is out there for you, but your going to have to get through all the wrong ones to get there.

erin austin said...

Tanorexics...I love that word!! So true , those ladies are a little extreme but the point I'm making is that

1. you really can't think of a small chested girl that you know of that men have as a fantasy girl...I can't think of one that's been in the men mad like Maxim and so on.

2. Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general do not have small chested girls out there. Sure... every girl needs to weigh 100 lbs but dang still better be a 34C.

And Katie...I agree Jenna Jameson is so not original!

Eagle Jim said...

Here's the real deal. If you have breast's, we want to see them! Aside from that, we all have individual taste in women and size of boobs really does not matter in the total scheme of things.
There's nothing wrong with NASCAR and beer from any type of container is still beer. Go Pack!

Anonymous said...


I can tell you I have dated lady's with boobs of all sizes and yes I even dated one that ahd to get a boob job. I personally would rather have a girl with a flat chest because I don't have to hear about there back hurting or anything about it. It's not like I tell her that I'm hung so low that my knees hit him! We should all use caution and find the women of our own dreams and desires. Your a very attractive lady and you will make a man happy someday soon! Remember though you might have found someone special, but you might not know it.

Big guy with tiny German Sheppard!

Pete Fanning said...

#1) Hair is EVERYTHING it me...don't ask me why, it just is the first thing I notice....

#2) I absolutely HATE SUPER-large breasts, I'm talking the type where you need actual breast REDUCTION surgery to's ugly...

#3) What's breasts got to do with it anyway?'s in the eyes...they speak volumes....

Anonymous said...

My motto to live by, more than a handful is a waste. I personally hate large chests, especially artificial ones. Serve no purpose and often are just grotesquely too large. Be flattered Erin, lots of men prefer women like you.

jm said...

I couldn't agree more "more than a handful is waste"!! My feelings exactly! Erin, you named a few ladies, but what about Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, and every butt guys favorite, Jennifer Lopez. Granted these ladies may not be flat chested, but they are not what most people would consider "large". And yes, there is such a thing as a butt guy. I am one myself. For example,and please forgive me if this sounds chauvinistic If you put two girls infront of me, one with large boobs and a flat butt and the other flatter chester but with a nice butt and told me to pick one, I would walk away with the girl with the butt.

Ok, now having said that, a while ago you had a blog about guys liking blonds. I personally prefer brunettes. Every girl that I dated was a brunette (and not one of them had large boobs), blonds just don't do all that much for me, so please, don't sell yourself short. You are a very attractive woman, live life to YOUR fullest, and don't worry about what the magazines show or tell.