Friday, November 16, 2007


So most girls have the rule that if their friend dates, gets married to, makes out with, even likes that he is off limits! I know that if my friend Melissa were to have her eye on a guy and he weren't interested in her but maybe he liked me...I still would not go for him. I just would never want her to be mad or cause tension.

So recently a guy that I went on a few dates with, we decided that we're just friends. And we are good friends. We talk all the time. Go work out together. But the other day he started hitting on one of my good friends!! And I thought she might be into it. UMMM! What's going on here? Now let's make sure it's clear...He and I are truly just friends. But I have to say it makes me uncomfortable watching him trying to get on her.

I wondered do guys have this rule? I have my own rule...that I won't date 2 guys in the same circle either. Although I broke that rule. Remember "Earl"? When I met him I was interested in him. Well you know the story..."Earl" never called yada yada yada! So "Roy" shows interest...I thought..."Hmmm this isn't good. I should not go out with him." But I did. So now I feel like "that girl"! Now let's make this clear....NO BOWLING WAS HAD!!!! But I was mad at myself that I broke my own rule.

So do guys care if they date the same girl as their buddy? Does it get weird?

And what about my it bad that she breaks the rule? Does it depend on the circumstance? Sometimes I feel like there are so many fish in the sea that you should go outside the circle but then again I'm not sure.

What do you think?


Jen L said...

I definately know where you're coming from with the rules of dating within the circle. The thing is, if you actually distinguished a boundry between you and your male friend then everyone knows that you two are JUST FRIENDS. So I think your friend has every right to go after that guy. It would be different if you two were truly just friends, which you are, but you never actually mentioned it and never distinguished the friendship boundary. It kind of sounds like you two are friends but maybe you want to be more than friends? If you just wanted to be friends and weren't attracted to them as more than friends, then you wouldn't have a problem with your girlfriend going after him.

Brian said...

This is a prime example why Wisconsin should take a page from Nevada statutes and legalize brothels. The whole thing takes an evening with no amazingly obtuse female hoops to jump. There’s a lineup of attractive women, your exact preferences get addressed and in the long run, it’s safer and cheaper. Get an itch scratched and spend more quality time at the Packer game.