Monday, November 12, 2007


My next blog I'll write about it acceptable for a guy or girl you date and then they start trying to date your friends.

I'll gather my thoughts and post later today.


Anonymous said...

I remember this being a HUGE issue in highschool. Now that we are older I think there are different levels to everything.

If a friend tries to date your ex-boyfriend of 5 years, or even your ex-husband, or heck even a guy you were in love with for 6 months, I think its totally unacceptable.

However, if its a guy you went out with once or twice, I think its completely acceptable, but she should talk to you about it first.

Just looking at my circle of friends and couple of marriages in the same circle, we can all trace back a few relationships that strated within the circle, just not with the original two players.

Friends should be respectful of feelings and past relationships and communicate about them. But the whole I dated him for a minute, now none of you can ever!! Seems a tad juvenille.

So I guess my answer is situation specific

Katie said...

It worked for the Beverly HIlls 90210 gang! ha ha...