Monday, October 29, 2007


So I've been talking about going to Paris for Christmas. It's Official!!! I bought my ticket on Friday night!! I am super excited and scared at the same time. I'm going all by myself!!! Yikes!

Mathew this morning asked me what I wanted to find while I was there. He said, "Are you looking for a french boyfriend?" I said, "Ahhh NO!" Really, what do I want to find while I'm there? I want to eat cheese, bread and wine and some little cafe. I want to see the Eiffel Tower, the artwork at The Louve. Check out the D-day beaches...take a day and go to London!! I want to find some little artist that has some great artwork!(that's cheap) I want to go shopping in the fashion capitol. I want to bring home a ton of cool stuff that no one has!!

It'll be weird I'm sure. Not being able to speak the language. I may become mute over that week. I'm sure there will plenty of people that do speak English so I may be OK.

I'm just excited to finally do some serious traveling. Go to a place that I've always wanted to experience. There is so much history there. It's funny how I was never interested in history till my mid 20's. Now I found it fascinating. If only I had liked it in college...I would've had some better grades!

Well wish me luck. If you think of anything that I should or do...let me know!! I'm so open for ideas!


Anonymous said...

Read the book French Tryst by Kirsten Lobe. It's a novel, entertaining, and fun! You'd like it!

Congrats on your trip!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

lisagoo said...

Congrats on your trip! I think that is SOOOO awesome and brave of you.
I'm looking forward to hearing about it so I can "live thru you"! :)

Anonymous said...

While there don't forget to try some French pastries. They are fabulous! Go to Momarte if you have time, that is the artist district. Remember to enjoy. I have never forgotten my trips to Europe.

Congrats & have a GREAT TIME!!;)

Anonymous said...

Go to Chartres Cathedral just outside of is one of the most amazing cathedrals you will ever see!

AnnaK said...

Erin - You are going to find so much great, cheap art that you will absolutely love. I was in France several years ago and would love to go back. DON'T worry about the language barrier. English is EXTREMELY well-spoken there. Enjoy, enjoy! What a great thing to decide to take action and do!

Pete Fanning said...

And for heaven's sake, take a decent camera!!!!

Anonymous said...

Be sure to check out the L'Orangerie. It has some fabulous art (like Monet's water lilys) and is overlooked by most. If you don't have a room yet, try to get into the Hotel de Touleries. It's reasonable, quaint and quiet and within walking distance to almost everything important like the Louvre and shopping. Check out buying an Entertainment book for Paris. You can get one online. I had one and it saved me a ton of money on some fabulous meals! I left it with the folks at the hotel when I left and they were thrilled! If you're up for dropping some serious cash on an unforgettable dinner, I highly recommend the Les Ambassadors in the Hotel de Crillon. I believe they had an offer in the Entertainment book. The other fabulous restaurant is the one in the old casino in the Bois de Bologne (can't recall the name). The top restaurants in Paris were impossible to get into when I was there in the summer. Maybe it will be better at Christmas? Have a great time!