Thursday, October 25, 2007


So recently I decided that it might be OK for me to start dating again. I've gone a few dates. All of them have been fine...No horror stories thus far. Which is good right?

You've probably heard me talk on the air how I also decided to join MATCH.COM. While I'm still pretty new to the dating online thing, it's proved to be very interesting. I'm still so new to the area as well. One thing I've talked about in the past is when you're an adult how do you meet people to date...especially living in a new city? It's tough. And I thought to myself..."you may never find someone unless you step outside your comfort zone." So I have.

Have I found any love connections?? Too early to say. I'm still a newbie to this whole thing. I want to take things day at a time and one date a time!! I want to make sure I'm getting into a relationship because I want to be with this person not because I need a time filler. I don't want that. Everyone tells me "Erin...take your time...don't rush into anything!" I agree!! I totally agree.

I want to date and see what the world has to offer. Casually date. When I say casually date...that doesn't mean I want casual bowling!! If you know what I'm saying??? That's not for me.

My friend's hair stylist had a great saying...she said "If you're not ready to give up your every Friday and Saturday night to be and hang out with your guy...then you're not ready to date someone seriously." I thought that was an interesting perspective. Is that true??

And is it wrong to just date? My friend told me it's like trying on shoes. You're just trying to see which ones are a good fit!

So I head off in the dating world...any good words of wisdom? What should I prepare myself for? Keep in mind, I don't have a lot of dating A lot of this is new to me.


Pete Fanning said...

A phrase we use around here alot is "Godspeed, John Glenn" :)

Seriously...good luck. I was a member of once, before I came to my senses and realized that my ex and I had a good thing and that the differences we had could be worked out.

Once again, good luck in your prospects and I hope you find that right fitting shoe....

Anonymous said...

I don't think dating, as in multiple people, is bad as long as all parties involved are aware of it. I would hate to find out the person I thought was my boyfriend (read exclusive) has other dates. Just don't go bowling before you check out the rental shoes!

Anonymous said...

dating is supposed to be fun! no one says you have to jump in and be serious, or just be casual. date at your own speed. there are no rules. If you wanna get serious, get serious by your own standards. Giving up every friday and saturday?!? whoa, what relationship is your stylist in? Me and my bf have a boys night/ girls night. he goes out with his guys, and me with my ladies. sometimes we meet out, sometimes we dont. Find a guy thata resects your time, and has a life! People take relationships either too serious or too casual. Just have fun. If something becomes more serious so be it. In the meantime figure out what you are looking for in a guy and take your time. And be picky, be very picky. Theres a shortage of attractive good guys in this city.

Mike said...

I'm happy to hear that you used my idea & tried going online ;-P!

Seriously though... please don't go into this avenue with any expectations whatsoever. I didn't have any... and thank goodness! There are so many bad apples out there... similar to the "real world."

My wife & I have a great relationship in that we can live our independent lives separately from each other. It's wonderful... and that's what everyone needs in their life... :-D

Acelere said...

Just curious, why haven't you tired e-Harmony? Love your shows and your blogs, so curious to know your thoughts about e-Harmony. Seems cool as you can get to know a lot about the person even before you meet him/her and there are less uncomfortable scenarios. By the way, I am 30/M from Portland and just moved to Milwaukee too (less then 6 mo back) No, this is not my way of trying to get you out on a date in any are way out of my league!