Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Ok...so I'm not blond or have a large chest...or rich...or famous...SO WHY DO I FEEL LIKE A JESSICA???? When it comes to relationships...I maybe know what she feels like.

So if the tabliods are correct...
Jessica was the one that wanted to get separated and divorced from Nick Lachey. CHECK!!! I know what that's like! I was that moved in that direction with my marriage.

Nick started dating right away...and it was all over the place.
CHECK!!! My Ex dated people that were friends of ours! Or better yet people at work set him up theirfriends! WEIRD! So coworkers would always give me updates on his conquests. Awesome!!!

Now Jessica gets dumped by John Mayer.
CHECK!!! I get dumped by Sean!

And Jessica's Ex - NICK is happily together with Vanessa while Jessica is single again.
CHECK!!! My Ex-husband happily dating his latest girl and I once again am a single gal in the city.

Now granted part of this might be a stretch...but I see the simularity a bit!

I know I probably should just get over it.

I'm going to eat some ice cream now!


QB said...

Dear Erin,

I don't know you, I don't listen to your am show. And it's nothing personal. I'm sure you have many wonderful qualities. As a mother of kids your age, I feel compelled to give you motherly advice. Toughen up buttercup. Life's best lessons are learned when you manage through tough times with success. The few of your blogs I've manage to read through are very sad; you are a public figure putting yourself out there as a victim, and you sound very pathetic. I know that sounds harsh, but if you keep putting yourself out there, someone may take serious advantage of you and that would be a lot worse than any of the problems you are loathing over at present. You will look back and see it someday, but until then, you may find similarities in celebs like Jessica Simpson, but remember, JS has lots of money to surround herself with security and privacy. You tell all to perfect strangers. KTI is marketing your misfortunes, allowing you to make them bigger than life it's self. And you too will be left out to dry like your previous morning show co-workers when the whiney theme becomes old news. Dr. Phil's "Love Smart" book is an excellent resource for relationships; it is entertaining, based on professional experience and would keep your mind off of men for a while. Use your public image wisely, be safe, not sorry.

A Concerned Mom

Doug said...

Ok... ice cream... since it was what 11 or so when you wrote it ok ice cream may work... but at least you came to Milwaukee where brew is plentiful... so I fully expect you can upgrade after quitting time :) Very interesting compairson you make there Erin.... you look better than Jessica though so you're one up on her!!

see ya later