Wednesday, August 1, 2007


When I first started here at 'KTI we talked about how hard it is as an adult to meet good girlfriends. Well I want to get a little feedback from the ladies and see if BFF parties is something that you might be interested in. I know that I would love to meet a good set of friends in Milwaukee...maybe you do too.

Just leave our thoughts about BFF you like the idea or not and what do you think we should do for a party?



Jamie said...

Sounds like a fun idea. I was at a south side bar a few month ago when some people were handing out flyers that read something along the lines of "Who the Hell are You?" It was an invite to an open party to meet new people, make new friends. Something like -If you like to have fun, come join us, if not, give this to someone else! Had the date, time, location I can't remember word for word, but you get the idea...

Sara said...

I'd be in. I live in Shorewood, so maybe an Oakland Ave pub crawl?

Danica said...

I'm so in! Ditto the Shorewood or the East Side. Although Shorewood is a little easier to at least have conversations without screaming at each other or being overrun by 21 year olds. I know I have at least a couple gal pals in the area who would be up for it. Erin, I am determined to get you some BFF's! :)

pam said...

Hey Erin?
Did you start on 93.1 and Then the Bull?
Checed the bull and you wern't there anylonger!
Good Luck From Oregon
Pam, K&J

Heather said...

I agree - totally fun idea. It's so hard to meet new friends as adults and who doesn't need a whole slew of girlfriends!