Friday, May 25, 2007


So Tuesday is the BIG DAY!!!!

I'm nervous...nausous...and excited all at the same time!!

Every person we meet says that we have BIG shoes to fill!!! Thanks a lot for the pressure! I'm going to need medication now! I kid..I kid.

But seriously, It will be great. We'll have a nice big weekend to get ready and relaxed!

Monday we will all go to the Brewers game which will be my 1st game. I can't wait to get a hotdog! YUMMY!!!

I'm even going to but a Brewers shirt at the game!


Doug said...

you're going to 'but' a shirt at the game, oh no didn't randy moss do that to one of our packers goal posts after a game :)

Just kidding, welcome!!

robin said...

You DO have big shoes to fill but Milwaukee is a welcoming place and I'm sure you guys will do great.

SLS said...

Don't worry about who's shoes you're filling. Fill your own shoes, your own way. I hope that you are like most women, plenty of shoes for different reasons. So, balance your shoes carefully (or, better yet, make AJ do that for you).

printing said...


This is a much needed change!

I hope that you were able to get the apartment you wanted.

dogma said...

It was time the other guys left. They constantly beat the same old catch phrases tp death. They jumped the shark by adding amy taylor. I had to stoip listening because everything went back to her precious triplets and how hard it was to (pay a nanny to) raise them.
Finally, the couldn't understand why geno wasn't married. HE'S GAY!

The shoes you have to fill are not big, just old.

Ken said...


Don't worry about the change, KTI has been needing the change for a while. I grew up in Milwaukee but currently I am in Orlando. Home of Mickey the Rat. Yes, us local folk call him a rat as we can't afford his outrageous prices. I long to come back to the Midwest. Until that time I will be listening online. You guys will be great.

Kit'n'Kaboodle said...

Hey, DOGMA, do you have proof? He says he's not and I doubt that the audience would care much. Brian Houston was one of their regular guests and he w as openly gay.

As for the new team, Welcome Erin, Matthew and AJ. Milwaukee tends to distrust outsiders so you are on probation but GOOD LUCK!

Just remember it's New BERlin with the accent on BER.

flyinsaddle said...

Hello Erin,

I was in St. Louis on business your last day two weeks ago and listened to your last broadcast.....I wish you luck...Wisconsin is a wonderful place...nice people and easy to feel at home! Your heartfelt goodbye to St. Louis was very touching...but onward and upward! Hopefully you will be very happy here!
Good Luck!!

Susanne said...

I've been a listener to the "Bull" since we moved to St. Louis a few months back. I turned on the radio the other day and you were gone...i figured you were on vacation, but you never returned. Now I see that you have moved on. I will certainly miss you on the air here, but I wish you the best of luck in your new venture!!!