Thursday, May 24, 2007


I think I found a place!!! Here's the thing I put in my application and when I dropped it off, there was 4 other people there to look at it !!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

I'm scared !!! What if I don't get it? Then I'll be looking even longer for a place.

So God willing I'll get this place and I'll have one less thing to worry about!

Except for the fact in the winter I'll have to park outside and scrape my windows!! HAHA

Pray I get this Apartment...or I'll be really moody on Tuesday for the 1st show!!!

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evasmom said...

I understand what you are going through trying to find a place for pets. I have lived here all my life and when my husband and I found out I was pregnant we need to find a place to live because living above a bar was no place to raise a child, at least not in a one bedroom. Our only problem was the dog. LARGE dog. We not only had the problem with him being large but also being a Rottweiler. Many places say they take large dogs but do not specify that there are breed restrictions. I hope you are not finding this to be your problem also. We found our apartment through word of mouth. I have read some of the other blogs about where to go but, it isn't that easy and I know how you feel. I know you will get something very soon. I will pray for you cause I know your frustration. Best of luck and welcome to Milwaukee!