Saturday, May 26, 2007


So for some reason I was feeling a little down today. I'm notsure if it's because I feel a little lonely being in a new city all by myself or the fact that I won't feel better till I get my apartment thing figured out.

As I mentioned earlier in the week I think I found a place...I turned in the application and I haven't heard back yet!!! It's killing me. I'll be honest...I've never had such a hard time finding a place to live as I do now! I can't move my stuff...I'm living out of a suitcase with very few things that I brought.

Then today I just felt a little lonely. No friends yet in town. And making friends as an adult is very different then when you were in High School.

I know It'll be fine...just takes a second to get use to and get my groove.

but GOD I can't wait till I find a place!!!


News 4 knows more. said...


Welcome to my old stomping grounds.

I spent six wonderful years in Wisconsin... and many an overnight shift in the studios on Capitol Drive.

Enjoy the Brew-city life. You're getting there just in time for all the summer festivals.

Drop a line when you can.

Steve Chamraz

Mike said...

Welcome Erin,

I just wanted to say that I remember being in the same position you are now, a new person in a new town. I am originally from Michigan so it was a bit of a transition when I moved here for my job.

It took a month or so to find a nice apartment and a month or two more to feel "comfortable" here. But Milwaukee is a very nice place, esp. in the summer with all the festivals and being on the lake.

Don't'll find the right place and then you'll be glad that you took a bit of time to find the "right" place.

Well, glad that you are here and I'm sure you will make friends fast. Good luck and again, welcome!

Mike Wright

Lenore said...

ERIN!!!!!!! YOU SOUND GREAT!-Lenore :)

Danica Accola said...

Hi Erin!

I have a lead on a dog-friendly apt very close to the station if you'd like to email me. . I know they have openings right now.

On another will grow to love Mil-town! Making friends in a new city is always a little trying....I've got great circles of friends and we love to show the newbies around! :)

Great show this morning!

Anonymous said...


It will be great you will see....I moved up here from Chicago 3 years ago and was totally lost for about a month but the people up here are great the area is great and the town is awsome ....I do live in Waukesha not Milw. but same same ....You will come to love this area...Good luck

Kim said...

Welcome to Mil-town is good resource for looking around milwaukee and you can also look for places that will take dogs.
Lastly please dont let AJ talk you into singing that song ever again.


JoAnne said...

In the Shorewood area, your best bet for finding a place is driving around and collecting numbers from the signs on the lawns or windows. Most of the best places in that area are not listed anywhere. Good Luck!

Mel said...

If your still looking, I am about to rent out the lower unit of my duplex in Wauwatosa (15 minutes from WKTI). It's a 2 bedroom, hardwood floors & tile, fire place and built in cabinets. FENCED IN YARD (I have a dog, and Garage. Please contact me if your interested haven't even put the for rent sign up yet....

Danielle said...

Welcome to Milwaukee. I moved here about 10 years ago from San Diego. It was a huge transition. I too had a hard time making new friends. I found that the people here that were my age 20's at the time, were still involved with their high school clicks. I also quickly discovered that people here like to drink. I'm not a big drinker but, found a solution to my problem....I became a bartender
Good Luck-Danielle

debwonder said...

gloom, despair, and agony on me...deep dark depression, excessive misery...I leave town for two weeks and come home to find that you are GONE!!!! St. Louis' great loss is Milwaukee's gain. Best wishes Erin.

Peter said...

Welcome to Milwaukee. I'm sure you will love it here! WIll also stick out my hand as a welcome too!

Drop me a line if you like at:

My regular blog is at: (converted from Blogger a year ago).

Donna said...

Erin, Believe me I KNOW exactly how you feel! I lived in Milwaukee my whole life and relocated to Atlanta about 7 months ago. I am still lonely! At least I don't have the added pressure of going on radio and trying to win people over. I wish you luck in Milwaukee and I miss it there so much! And you are ABSOLUTELY right - finding freinds as an adult is a whole different ball game! Seriously, best of luck to you!

Peggy Voeller said...


Welcome to "Beertown" will find it quite friendly and diverse. Since you are a dog person-let me know if you would like to meet up at some point and my husband and I can show you where the off lead park is. It might come in handy when you need to burn off some energy!

Email me if you would like

Best of luck!

EagleJim said...


Welcome to Milwaukee!

I moved here from Texas 20 years ago and never looked back. Once you get over the tax shock and learn that you can't park on the street without a permit, you will be fine. Milwaukee is great!

Joanne was right. The nice places are not listed in the paper. You must drive the area you desire and look for rent signs.

Good Luck!

Renee said...

This is the perfect time to meet people. Everyone comes out of hibernation for the summer. There are festivals and activities going on every weekend and lots of opportunities to meet new people.

Good luck.

Tara said...

Hi Erin,

Welcome to Milwaukee! I understand exactly what you mean about finding friends as an adult female. And I know what you mean about not wanting to sound like you're trying to pick someone up! I'm beyond the party-girl stage and am looking for good friends too. Send me an email if you'd like to chat.

Linda said...


How about starting a girlfriend network? It appears there is a true need for something like this...I'm 40 and lost 2 BFFs through relocation:(

Thanks and I hope we can get something going!