Thursday, June 19, 2014


I found another "catfish!" This time, I discovered  it was a" catfish" after having only a brief conversation on POF versus communicating for several weeks. If you're in the world of online dating you need to read this!

I was strolling through the eligible bachelors on Plenty of Fish when I come across a guy that had AMAZING eyes!  In the small thumbnail that I saw on my phone I could tell that this guy looked young.  I decided to click on him anyway.  To my surprise it said he was 35.  It said he was an engineer and that he had been too busy working to have a relationship, but was now really making the effort to meet someone.

I decided to send him a message.  What the hell right?  I said something like "Are you sure you're really 35?" (Because let's be honest, my BS meter was already going off.) He replied saying that he had good genes.  There were a few more emails that went back and forth after that.  He said he was originally from Houston and blah blah blah.

I couldn't help but think this guy was too good to be true.  First of all, guys that are THAT hot are NEVER single!! They just aren't! Secondly, I've never seen any guy that remotely looked like that here in Houston.  And lastly,  I just had a feeling that fish was being served up.

So here's what I decided to do.  I went online to his profile and saved the pictures that he had posted. Then I went to Google and did an image search. (Yes you can take pictures and see if they're on the internet's an amazing thing I learned from 'Catfish' the TV show."Then low and behold...BAM... Dietrich Riley pops up!! A UCLA alum and football player.

This is actually a couple of the photos that the fake profile used.

This guy on POF was claiming that he was this guy and that he looked like that.  However, he claimed his name was Brandon not Dietrich.  Needless to say I immediately reported his profile to POF as a catfish and within 15 minutes his profile had been yanked down.

I feel somewhat accomplished!

I have to say I'm really sharpening my detective skills and my "BS" meter has been tuned up!

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