Monday, September 30, 2013


It seems like forever since I wrote my last blog!  What has it been? A year or something? WOW! Time flies by!  There's a few reasons why I took a break from writing, but now I;m ready to get back to it.

One reason I fell off the blogging scene is because I bought a house and that kept me rather busy at the end of last year.  The past year I really tried to turn things around for myself financially. I was never in debt, which is great. But I also wasn't doing a good job of saving or repairing my credit.

When I got a divorce, there were a few things that affected my credit because either my ex ran up the card or was late on the payments.  So I canceled all my cards and didn't have a credit card for 5 years.  It was great not being in debt, but it was also hurt me because I wasn't establishing "good credit."  So I got a credit card with a small limit so that I could get my score up.

After that I started to really watch my spending and was putting all my extra money into savings.  Before I knew it had money in the bank and was making the steps towards buying my first house by myself. 

Which I'm happy to say I accomplished all of those goals and I'm still moving towards better credit.

Another reason I think I took a break is because I wrote mostly about relationship stuff and frankly I didn't have any issues to write about.  Even though I might've got my inspiration for my blog from a situation that my friend was in, I always found a way to relate to it.  After going over some of my blogs I realized that the people I was referring to for my experiences were people that I shouldn't be getting worked up over.  They were a complete waste of my energy. And frankly, they probably didn't give me a second thought.

The biggest reason I probably stopped writing my blog: I started dating someone.  Say What?? I know! It's crazy! Me, the girl that barely made it past most first dates is dating someone and has been for over 6 months.  We have our moments and it's not always perfect, but it we do work together to make it work out.  (Trust me, I'll probably have a blog or two to write with stuff that we get into it about.)

Why did I decide to write my blog again? I missed it.  And honestly, most of my girlfriends that I'd talk to about stuff have all gotten married and/or had babies and aren't available much.  Not to mention, I have a new schedule which makes it difficult.

With all that said, today is the restart of my blog.  I'll still talk relationship stuff, but just from a different angle.

To Be Continued...

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charles said...

Well said Erin!! Glad things are going good and your happy and headed in the right direction!