Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Some people have said that I'm a "manhater" or that I'm bitter about guys. That may or may not be true, but there is one thing that I think would help the male species a little more...and that is crying.

I was watching "Dancing With The Stars" the other night and they featured a man that was a pro dancer but had a brain hemorrhage and wasn't able to dance, or even walk anymore. After extensive therapy he was able to dance again. His first "in public" performance was on 'DWTS' and when he finished he cried as the audience cheered for him.

It was that very moment when I realized that men in this country should bare their souls more.

When I saw that man on 'DWTS' cry, I almost started crying myself. I immediately felt for him more and felt as though he was more human. That may not make any sense to some, but so many men don't act as if anything affects them. And to see this man be so touched that he started crying was almost kind of beautiful.

Too many times things in life happen when guys just shove it under a rug. They show no emotion what so ever. Like when I got divorced. He acted as though "Next please!"

It would've been nice to see him kind of act like he gave a shit. Granted, he didn't have to act like he wanted me back, but at least he could've acted like that being divorced was going to be a little tough. Does that make sense? I just wanted to see that he kind of cared a little.

On the funny side, imagine if men started crying more all the stuff they could get out of it! Think of all the stuff that chicks get out of with crying.

For instance, getting out of speeding tickets. Could you imagine a cop rolling up to a dudes window and the guy is balling his eyes out? If I were the cop I'd let him go. Or maybe when your boss yells at you. If I were the boss I'd probably go easier on the guy.

Lastly, if guys cried more think of what they could get from their ladies. Maybe a little more sweet love making. Maybe a couple wouldn't fight as much.

This may all be a little far fetched for some, but if men maybe started showing a softer side and became a little more emotional, maybe they would no longer be thought of as dicks all the time.


Anonymous said...

the opposite of being a d*ck is a p*ssy. there is no winning. we are not a world that supports "weak" men. women wouldn't respect a guy that was a weepy softie and neither would any other men. could you imagine bush crying when 9/11 happened? would the nation have felt a sense of "stability and action"? it does not work.

Anonymous said...

Most men probably do cry occasionally when no one is around and only when they're truly sad or hurt. Men shouldn't cry in public unless something truly traumatic such as death in the family. As Tom Hanks said, "there's no crying in baseball" applies to crying in public for men as well.

Also, most men just plainly aren't as emotional or sensitive as women and don't need to burst in tears as much as a typical woman does.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you want a wuss as your boyfriend. Unfortunately most of these sensitive guys have boyfriends already.

Minja said...

My Dad, who survived a war, worked two jobs to support his family, who raised my brother to be a fine family man himself with strong work ethics and morals, cries. He cried when his mother passed away, when he found his brother is sick and cried when I hurt his feelings. I can be such a brat =(...

But you know, if a man who survived a war, and raised a fine family while working three jobs can cry when he's distraught, I don't see why other so-called "manly men", or "a guy's guy" can't cry.

Erin Austin said...

Although I understand what you're saying I disagree with personally. I understand in general that "the masses" might look at men as weak if they cry, but I personally wouldn't.

There's a difference between a man that crys over having a bad day and a guy crying over a tragic event in his life.

If president Bush would've cried on 9/11 I think that would've made him human just like everyone else that cried that day.

Problem is we always expect our President and men in general to act like robots and let nothing bother them.

Ever think that's why men go off the deep end and go shoot people? Theyve bottled it up for too long and then they lose it.

JazD06 said...

I agree Erin..I will say when me and my husband were fighting, the moment I knew that I didnt want to try anymore and throw in the towel he broke down crying and something inside made me want to sympathize with him and make it work...I will say things are still tough between us but I know somewhere inside him is an emotionally being..sounds weird as im typing but I dont know how else to explain it lol...I think it does help though to cry every once in a while..

crying is water for the soul..and everything needs water to grow!

Anonymous said...

Men go off the deep and shoot people, women operate "business as usual" and plot murders, cut off penises, and kill. How people handle emotions externally does not define their potential level of destructive behavior.

In regard to Bush, the nation did not need to feel "human" from the president. They needed to feel like he was in control and could handle the bad guys with conviction. Could you imagine cops busting into drug houses and start crying when they see that there are children who are neglected, abused and high?

Acute rationality and emotional outpouring are rarely 2 states that occur in tandem. Visually they signify opposing characteristics.

Erin Austin said...

Well we will just have to agree to disagree on this one.