Thursday, October 13, 2011


I am SOOO tired of hearing about these celebrities that get caught cheating with stupid women. The latest is Ashton cheating on Demi with some 22 yr old "twink" from San Diego via Texas. She sells her story to Us magazine and claims that Ashton told her he and Demi were separated. Is this girl stupid? Does she not ever pick up a magazine or watch TV? Secondly, So what if he's separated? Technically he's still married!

There are so many things that bug me about this story. The cheating is first, using the excuse of separation, the girl that's clueless, and the endless excuses.

Let's go over the situation. So you have Ashton in a club in San Diego. It's time to go back to his room and he looks around and spots this girl who quote is "good enough for the hot tub." Then she goes back to his room with a few of her friends and she ends up sleeping with Ashton. He apparently tells her that he's separated. She believes it and thinks that Ashton is unhappy in his marriage. My favourite part is when they wake up in the morning he looks under the covers and says "I just wanted to make sure I did OK." (Like he couldn't remember what he took home)

My problem with this girl is, how stupid can you be? Have you not picked up a magazine lately or watched Access Hollywood to know that the couple is still together?

The other thing is, she claims that if she knew he was happily married that she never would've done it. Really??? Give me a break! The point is he's married even if he says he's miserable that shouldn't matter.

I met a guy a few years ago through my gym. After my friend looked up his tax records we found out he was married. Do you know that he told me that they were going to get a divorce and how miserable of a person she was to be around? Needless to say, nothing ever happened between us. (thank God) What's funny is, that couple that was supposedly so miserable, is still married and they moved to NYC for his new job.

The point I'm trying to make is, LADIES BE SMARTER!!! Why is it that when a man is married or taken, women seem to find that guy more attractive? I don't! Personally if a guy even is "kind of" seeing a girl, he's done! I won't look at him twice. Yet, so many women don't care. Look at all the women that slept with Tiger Woods!! More than half knew he was married and didn't care. In fact, some thought he'd be with them! (SUCKERS)

I'm not sure if the women want to feel like they're helping the guy from a dark spot or if they want to see if they can steal him away and feel like they won. What is it?? Why are we so dumb?

So here are a few rules that I think every woman should know and live by.

1. If a guy says he's separated...don't believe it! Also, don't start anything with him till he's moved out and the divorce is final.

2. If a guy has a girlfriend...same rules apply. HANDS OFF!

3. If you wouldn't want what you're doing to happen in return to you...then it's probably not OK to do it.

4. If he says that his wife doesn't understand him, or she's crazy, or she won't have sex with him, or she nags him, or they've been unhappy for awhile...HANDS OFF!!! --All if it may be true but you don't need to be a catalyst for a divorce. If they get divorced it'll happen soon enough and you need not get involved.

I found this quote on another blog and it says a lot. "You want a guy who is smart enough to know that his marriage is over and strong enough to end it without any outside assistance. A guy that needs or wants to be wrenched out of his marriage is not strong or smart." READ THE BLOG HERE

I think if more women respected themselves more and respected other people's relationships (good or bad), the world might be a better place. I'd like to think that there'd be less cheating because more women would decide that they aren't going to be a part of it. Remember Karma is a bitch!!

I hope that Sara Leal learned a lesson from her lack of morals. Hopefully she learned that no matter if someone says they're unhappy there's always another person in the relationship that can be hurt by what you've decided to be a part of. Then again, she probably just learned that she can sleep with a celebrity that doesn't really care about her and then she can make money off it.

I guess the old bible saying can apply here, "Do unto others as you'd have done unto you." Also, remember ladies, if he'll do it with you he'll do it to you.


ilana said...

Amen. When I first met TA, I ran a background check just to make sure he was actually divorced. Even the best men lie. Women who have no respect for the ring...karma's a bith.

Anonymous said...

A girl can always tell
If her husband/boyfriend is cheating the change in there behavior there voice to going out more and longer. Not being able to talk on the phone at times. I've seen it all but also it works the other way around the female doing the cheating. Cheat once and get away with it... You will think you can keep doin it till bam your luck runs out. No girl is worth cheating on... If your going to cheat get out of the relationship that's what being Single is for.

Anonymous said...

First of all: Cheaters suck!

Many years ago I was trying to do the long distance dating thing. It didn't work for a variety of reasons. I stayed faithful waiting for her to move to Houston.

After a few months I started to get that gut feeling. My suspicions started to grow. (FYI: The last thing you ever want is a suspicious mate! Especially if you're hiding something.

I finally caught her when I intercepted a message from her answering machine. (This is what suspicious people do and this was when people had those machines. I had visited her for the weekend and noticed she had used a Sharpie to block out the code on her answering machine. Sneaky. But I was still able to see it. Suspicions make you do crazy things.)

A few days after I returned to Houston her sister left her a message asking if she was going to spend the night at "Brian's" again. The next day I confronted her.

She started crying, and saying how sorry she was. (Sorry she got caught!)

The odd thing was how long she played me! MONTHS! She would leave nice messages and send romantic cards with pictures. And she would tell me she loved me and missed me. We talked every day! She was good at cheating.

Needless to say it ended badly.

After about five years of silence we started talking again. (I don't know why!) But just as friends. She was married and had a baby. I even became friends with her husband.

One day my phone rang and I was blindsided by HIM! He hacked her email. (As I said, that's what suspicious people do.) He was shocked to find out she was sleeping with at least five other men! He also pointed out that her Facebook friends were 90% males, and he didn't know ANY of them!

It became a big crazy mess. They are now divorced and I don't talk to either of them. (I got wise.)

The moral: MANY!

The twist: I was married when I met her, fell madly in love and left my wife of 13 years. The other woman is 10 years younger than me. Dating her was fun and exciting. Something lacking in my marriage. Was it right? The marriage was doomed either way. But no, it was not the right thing to do. No one trusts a cheater and women do not find a man who cheats attractive. If she does, RUN! She's probably married!!!

Sign me:

A Reformed Cheater.

Brent said...

My theory on why women are attracted to married men is part of what Sarah said, they like to know that a man will/can take the step to do some sort of commitment. Also, it gives you the false feeling of safety that if it doesn't work, then it won't be so bad as they can always be sent home.

However, it should be really huge red flags if the men are reciprocal to advances, or even worse, that they pursue you. I agree with you Erin, if you're looking for a monogamous relationship, then make sure they're fully out of their past one. Background check, social profile check, interview friends, etc. Safety has to be absolutely #1 in setting up a healthy family environment and completely honest communication is the best way to get there.

Anonymous said...

Women like married men, because they have low self-esteem and it makes them seem better than the wife, because they were able to "steal" their man away!!

Anonymous said...

I think anon #3 hit it on the head. I've seen that type of women. The reality is the guy just throws his line out enough & only the stupid ones bite. But the message doesn't sink in with weak women.