Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There have been a lot of high profile cases in the headlines lately. The most notable is the Amanda Knox case. Convicted of the murder of her roommate in Italy, Amanda spent 4 years in prison and was just released with the overturn of her conviction. Now she's back in Seattle with her family trying to gain a normal life. However, will it ever be normal? Will she be able to get over her past? Will others to be able to get past it?

With that last question I wondered if I could look past someone's criminal past? For me, the answer is maybe.

It really depends on what the crime is. Are we talking DUI? Granted, that isn't great but I see how that might happen to anyone. That to me is one to look past.

Petty crimes: such as theft, forgery, assault to name a few. These would all depend on where that person is in their life now. Were these recent crimes? Did they do something bad back in college? If the person that is in question isn't or hasn't changed then no matter how small the crime may seem to be, that person is not a person for me.

Now let's hit up the major crimes list. Murder, rape, you know...the big felonies. Now granted Amanda was originally convicted for murder but then won her appeal. I think if I ever met someone that was accused of that kind of crime, I think I would have to research every detail of that case. Now, when it comes to a rape case. I'm not sure how any woman could date/marry a guy that was ever convicted of that crime.

I think in the end it really depends on what was the outcome of the case. As general rule though I think I would steer clear of the convicted felons. I mentioned above that I would look past a DUI or DWI. Here's the thing, I could look past one. However, if you've been convicted of 2, 3, 4, yada yada yada...Then this to me makes me think there is another problem that needs to be addressed.

Would you be able to look beyond someone's criminal past when it comes to love, dating, and marriage?


Anonymous said...

Looking past 1 or 2 DUIs a looooong time ago yes. robbery mmm maybe if it was way back when. Assault, rape murder, rap, never in my life!!!!


Anonymous said...

The first thing I do when I start dating someone new is look up their rap sheet. As you get older its quite hard to find a single guy who doesn't have one. Mostly you'll find drug or alcohol charges.

I remember looking at this guy's record & thinking, 'okay he hasn't been in trouble in 2 years'. Then realized that's because he was incarcerated for the last 2 years.

Diane said...

I agree with you, even though I believer I'm an open minded person there are certain men I would not date. Although, I would look st certain factors. If allegations were made but no charges were brought against the individual. I would also consider if there wasn't enough evidence or was the accusation false.

Anonymous said...

Since I was put on Death Row here in Huntsville I have had more women contact me and tell me they feel sorry for me and know I'm innocent of the crime I was convicted for because it wasn't my fault the old lady had a heart attack while I was burglarizing her house. Some of them send pictures where they aren't wearing much and others send me sexual fantasy stories. Most of the chicks that write to me are fat but they don't seem to have a problem looking past my criminal past or present. After February 8th at 6pm my future is looking a little bleak.

Thanks for the letters in case I don't get a chance to write back soon!