Monday, September 19, 2011


I was talking with one of my best girlfriends the other night and she made a comment that stuck in my head. She said, "I just don't think I'm anybody's type." Right then I knew exactly what she meant.

I knew what she meant because I feel the same way when I walk in a room. (there's just another girl) Or when a guy walks in the room that I find attractive. I pretty much figure he's looking at the blond girl behind me.

Everytime I turn around I see more and more people getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged, or married. And all of it makes me question everything about myself. My clothes, weight, body, hair, face, boobs, my personality. I question all of it. I'm starting to think that I'm just not anybody's type. Almost like God made several someones for everyone else but when it came to making my match, God took a nap that day.

I consider myself an acquired taste and realize that it will take a special type of person to be with me. I guess I didn't realize that whoever that "special" person is would be this hard to find.

The other day I was at the airport getting my luggage. When I looked down at the name tag I noticed a date on it. It said May 2006. It hit me that was the last year I took a trip with a boyfriend. That's over 5 years ago!! It made me sad... Because let's be honest...that's pathetic.

I know I'm being hard on myself, but it's really hard for me to imagine there being ANY man thinking when he sees me or meets me, "That girl is my type!". I just can't ever see it happening. It's hard for me to fathom a guy saying that a 30-something radio gal with a dirty sense of humour that has long brown hair with blue eyes is HIS type. In my mind, I guess I think every guys type is blond, with big boobs, skinny little legs, cheerleader type, and laughs at everything you say because she doesn't know what else to do. Oh and wants a man to take care of her.

Are there some people that aren't made for anyone?


Anonymous said...

a) your unique picture is hilarious b) you are reading way too much into way too little. if there had been zero interest in the last five years then you have something to worry about but i know that that is not the case. just because you see other people getting married doesn't mean that you cant or wont. c)there are a lot of guys that dont care if a girl is blonde etc and those are the guys that you want. if a guy is going to pass you over because you arent blonde then he is doing you a favor because he is a shall stupid DB.

Anonymous said...

Love the blond! Who is she??

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's the hair color guys necessarily fall for, but rather the attitude and the way a girl carries herself.

You see a tiny, little, cheerleader type of girl, and somehow it automatically triggers their brain that this girl needs to be taken care of. Since guys naturally tend to take care of and "protect", of course they would go for that type.

You are a young, independent, career oriented woman who can take care of herself and has an opinion of her own. In their eyes, you don't need "protection"

Something really interesting happened to me and my friend recently, which is worth sharing for this particular blog: so we were at a club and some random guy approaches me and my girlfriend and starts talking to us. We were not particularly interested in talking to him, but he was quite persistent and for some reason he felt comfortable sharing his thoughts with us. Anyhow, he started talking about girls, relationships, and what it would take him to get to date a girl. So he shows us a random girl at the club, points at her and says: "For instance, see that chick... cute and all, but I don't like her dress. It's not appropriate for a club; how am I supposed to show a girl to my parents that doesn't knwo how to dress accordingly" ... for the record, the girl was wearing a cute little summer "flowy" dress. Might have been a bit "casual" for a night club, but still, nothing inappropriate or out of line. Yet he wouldn't introduce her to his parents so he passed on her. Apparently at the club you have to be "hoochy" lol

This story raises the question, whether guys look for a girl for themselves or for their parents?

And since we're in the South, I can see the reason a guy would go for that particular "cute, little, next door, cheerleader" type of girl, that their parents would approve of.

Might sound judgemental, but it's just how it is.


Natali Mejia said...

I thought u were going somewhere with this. I was expecting more lol.