Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This kind of ties into a blog I wrote back in January called "Boys Barking Up Trees." The reason this subject is coming up again is because, just this week I had an interesting scenario come into play.

Let me break down the characters.

So we have my friend Kelly Kelly, my friend "Jamie," my friend "Leslie,"and then the guy, "Gorton." I call him "Gorton" because he's the one that's doing some fishing.

Last week I got a bunch of people together for happy hour on my birthday. I invited "Gorton" and the girls, along with a ton of other people, and everybody mixed and mingled. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. It didn't appear that anyone was making a "special connection" so to speak. It just was a good group of people having a good time.

So the next day, Kelly Kelly, "Jamie," and I all went and hung out at the pool. After we're done , we head back up to Kelly Kelly's place and figure out our plan for the night. Kelly Kelly hops on Facebook and says, "Oh I have a message from "Gorton." It says 'It was good to meet you, some of us are headed to a movie tonight if you wanna come. My number is ...-----.'"

Then "Jamie" says, "Wait I just got a message from him on Facebook too. It says, 'Good to meet you last night. Let's hang out soon. my number is ...-----.'"

WHAT THE FRICK??? He sends all these girls messages asking to hang out and we're all in the same room together. Do these guys think girls don't talk?

Now just for the record, for a second I thought he maybe was interested in me, but I wasn't quite sure. He'd invite me out, whether it was to dinner or drinks, or just out with a group of people. However, nothing was ever super obvious. So I didn't think too much about it.

So when he cast out his fishing net to my friends, I pretty much figured that he was on a expedition to see what girl would take a bite. Is that how guys work all the time?

"Gorton's" good friend kind of pulled the same with me. We'll call this guy "Calvin."

You might remember this story. "Calvin" sent me a text message that asked when we were going to hang out. Only to have him ditch me. Then come to find out he friends Kelly Kelly's sister on Facebook and sends a message saying that he thinks she's super cute and asks when they can hang out. Oh and "don't tell Erin cuz she'll hate on me."

Again...WHAT THE FRICK? Does he honestly think she's not going to tell me?

My friend "Jamie had this happen with another guy we know. Again, it was a matter of him sending a text to her followed by the other girls she was with getting a text from the that very same guy...and they were all in the same room.

Do all guys cast out a net to see how many chicks they can get? Then once they have the net full they start going through their catch and start tossing the "bad catch" back and then hang on to the "good catch for awhile?

How are you supposed to take guys seriously? Even when it seems like they're interested they seem to still be fishing for a better catch.


Anonymous said...

A little off topic, but I was surprised that you didn't post a general "thank you" to the MANY people who wished you a happy birthday on Facebook. It may tie into why you feels guys don't approach you or ask you out. Just sayin', not trying to be mean or disparage you.

Anonymous said...

Know the type.

But I honestly only met one like that & never did he ever try that on me. He was a friend of a friend & I was never ever in the least bit interested.

But i know someone who continually dates this type & then wonders why she's still single.

Ya throw the line out enough & you'll eventually get a bite.

Erin Austin said...

to anonymous #1 I certainly don't do the "OH my god thanks to everone that wished me a happy birthday!!! Oh my god you make me feel important."

However, I did post and maybe you just missed it but it read...Birthday weekend a success. I have some many wonderful friends.

That's more my style but in the future I'll make sure to make a big production.

Anonymous said...

I would say this guy is a sleeze. He probably is not very good with girls and so he just mass messages with every girl he meets because he has no shame. Like somebody already said, he will eventually get a bite.

I think you will know when someone is taking you seriously because it is obvious. It is hard to find the right somebody, but you know it when you do.

I wouldn't give that guy much more serious consideration or more of your time. That's my advice.