Friday, October 15, 2010


I've had people over the years tell me what I should do with this blog. They tell me I shouldn't mention this or that. Who I should and shouldn't talk about. And what I should put out there.

I've always kind of blown them off. Especially when it came to the guys that gave me their opinion. I always took it as insecurity. Like my ex-husband. I think he was just embarrassed that his behavior was making him look bad.

Well as of late I'm starting to wonder if I should keep this blog going because it may even scare off the good guys.

Let's face it, we live in the world of Google. So my problem is not only can you Google me and find out a great deal about me because of my job but I also have this blog where I'm fairly open.

I've always been good about concealing people's identity in my blogs and I've never been nasty about people or the stories I talk about. However, after talking to some people close to me that are impartial they mentioned maybe taking a break for a while and see if I have any better luck with guys.

Funny thing is, there are plenty of my life experiences and people I've met that have never made the blog. Although, they gave me great material for it. Maybe I'll save them for the book.

Part of me is open to giving my blog a break, but then the other part of me thinks "Why do I need to change myself for someone else?" Look at Taylor Swift! Look at Alanis Morissette! Look at people that write books about their crazy lives. Chelsea Handler, Jenny McCarthy, Kendra from "The Girls Next Door." Need I say more????

Those people have made millions of dollars singing, writing, and putting it all out there about the trails and tribulations of their lives. Now the difference between us, they're making millions off it, where I'm struggling to get all my bills paid and save a few bucks here and there.

Oh what to do? It'd been nice to find a guy that could handle me and what comes with it. I'm not that scary to be with.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. But I see why this could cause some problems. But then again so could your career choice. IDK, do you get to talk about your life on TX radio? Maybe some guys would be turned off by you being able to talk about them on the radio. Different people can be offended by different things. BTW, Kelly Ripa's husband doesn't mind her talking about their life & he's a complete babe.

Sunshine said...

you seem to love your blog and so many people enjoy reading it. don't give up something you love to find a guy. the right guy will not be bothered by your blog.

Anonymous said...

You know what I think, the ones that are bothered by this are probably the ones with the most garbage they want to hide.

I'm with you in that I tend to tell people almost everything. I have no reason to hide anything. I don't hurt people or screw them over so I wouldn't care.

And anyway, you never get graphic or specific.

steven brandner said...

i would say that i def love reading your blogs and seeing what your life has been like espically since you left wisconsin. I would say you shoudnt stop the blog because if they dont do anything to hurt you they have nothing to worry about. and if they treat you good you will right good things about them. I am sure you are going to meet someone that can handle you and only wish you the best