Sunday, March 14, 2010


So as you may or may not know my ex-husband recently got married. Now as much as I should be happy for him, you know, happy that he found someone that could handle his nuratic butt. I'm not happy. Because he is nuratic and how did he find someone that can handle him? I mean REALLY?

When that happened, I was feeling a little sorry for myself. Wondering when I was going to find that special someone. Wondering when will I find a someone that will be around for longer than a month or two.

I got over it. Of course, I had my moments when I'd feel a little lonely but I just kept telling myself, "I'm not going to settle and it'll all work out."

Well, just last week I found out that one of the guys that I dated in Milwaukee for a few months just got engaged for the 2nd time. The first time he was engaged was before I met him.

Anyway, we dated for a few months and then it was this odd here and there kind of thing. He's always had a girl in the picture. One girl for a year. Then another couple. Now it's the girl he's engaged to.

Here's the thing. He's been dating her since maybe November!!!! SHE was engaged to someone else a few months before she met him! Now, the 2 of them are engaged after dating maybe 3 months. HOLY CRAP! FAST MOVERS! Although that's kind of his M.O. His last fiancé he asked to marry him after maybe 6 months of dating.

When I heard this news I was like WTF? for various reasons. The main reason was, "Is here something wrong with me?" I really haven't had a boyfriend in 2 and half years...almost 3. I started thinking "Is there something I need to fix about myself that is really broken?"

The next thing I thought was, "Ahh hell! If I find out that Mr. Dallas gets engaged anytime soon, it’s a sign of the Apocalypse!"

That's the guy that said when we broke up, "Erin I just think the next step for you is to get married and I'm not ready." I asked, "Are you just not ready to get married to me or to anyone?" He said, "To you or to anyone. I'm just not ready."

At least he wasn't totally lying when he said that. I mean, he's not married yet. Although if he ends up getting married before I can even find a boyfriend, I'm going start looking for the seas to turn red and skies to fill with flying locusts!

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