Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Having your heart broken or being hurt in a relationship is something that happens to most people at some point in time. It hurts, sometimes for a short time and sometimes it seems like it never goes away.

I've been hurt plenty of times. Some hurt has lasted a moment and other times I think there's a part that still lingers in me. Yet, I still try again. Sometimes I get myself out there against my better judgment.

There are a few relationships that I refer back to when I think of being hurt deeply. Of those times, I can say that the scars I earned from it I still carry in a way. They're not completely healed yet. However, I still want to find a lasting relationship. A deep, caring, and meaningful relationship.

I still try to love without bringing too much hurt to the table. Which I think is pretty normal. You do your best to clean the slate. It's very hard. I know that I've learned things from my hurt that I won't allow to happen again.

I've met people both guys and girls that won't allow themselves to get into another relationship for fear that the person they are involved with now will do them wrong just like the last one. So they put up the walls.

I know a girl that is afraid that she'll get hurt so she self sabotage’s her relationships. Or she finds something wrong with the guys she dates in a way to protect herself.

I've also met a few guys recently that have been hurt so they move slowly with new relationships. Which is totally fine. I know I was that way at one time or another. My only thing is when you move really slow do things ever progress?

Are they so afraid of being hurt that they don’t let the new person see the real them? They've got a wall up and won't allow the other person in.

I know I’m afraid of getting hurt. In the last few years I’ve had my fair share of rejection. It’s gets kind of old. Guy after guy…issue after issue. With the classic line…”You’re a great girl.”

I know have SO much to give in a relationship. Problem is, I’m not finding any takers that aren’t already afraid of something. I'd would love to have someone give me a fair shot like I try to give them.


steven brandner said...

you will find someone that loves you for you i know people that where hurt in the last relationship are afraid that someone will hurt them again. i think everyone gets hurt in there life and it take them on there own time to deal with it. I am glad that you keep looking. i hope that you find someone that will want to be in a relationship. like i said in the last one my dad will also find someone i know he doesent look i want to help him find someone if you want i could give you his email and you could start talking to each other let me tell you about him he is in his 40s and has four kids i am the second oldest and me and my sister are in college so basically he has 2 kids that live with him one is in 4th grade the other one is in 6th he like outiside acivity he coachs my brothers and sisters in there sports and he always helps them when he needs them i think you to would really get along

Trevor Johnson said...

Risk nothing, gain nothing. You have to put yourself out there and risk getting hurt. It sucks getting hurt but what's the alternative? You put up walls, stop being yourself and never find anyone. Might as well get the subscription to Cat Fancy now. If all else fails I'm sure Houston is full of guys willing to get married for citizenship. Shit, man, I don't know.