Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As I embark on a new scene of dating...and yes...I'M DATING! I wonder if one of the problems I've always had with guys is just something they all do...and I need to just embrace it.

I would never call myself a needy person. I'm sure my ex-husband would disagree...but then again consider the source. Here's me in a nut shell. When I'm in a relationship with someone I like to spend time with that person. Almost to a fault. I feel like I'm always more accommodating with my time. I'VE ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY. I'm actually trying to be better about it. Such as not always being soooo available.

Here's my problem. I'm in the early stages of dating someone who has a weird schedule. SO DO I. Here's the thing. I feel like I'm more available than he is...I'm asking "What's your schedule like...What's your plan for the week? Instead of it being the other way around.

I actually brought this up to him and he said "Hey babe I'm sorry. You'll have to bear with me. I'm soo used to doing what I want, when I want to, and it's an adjustment." OH BOY!!! I've heard that before. The last time a guy broke up with me was when he said that he wasn't able to work out as much as he wanted to, and do all the things he wanted.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm just unreasonable for thinking that there will be a guy that is always wondering how he spend his time with me rather than just trying to fit me in the schedule.

I know I'm impatient...but maybe I need to settle with the thought that guys are always going to put you on the back burner. That's just how it is.


Anonymous said...

Not a good sign when the guy is so self important he forgets to consider the person he's dating. What would happen if you didn't call or inquire about dates? Would he just forget about you?

No guy is perfect, but you deserve better.

Anonymous said...

If a guy doesn't make you a priority or fit you into his schedule, he is just not that into you.