Monday, August 24, 2009


I've been here in Houston almost a month now and things are coming to together.

Work has kept me busy so far. I've had several events that I've done that get me some extra money...which totally helps out. A few meetings to keep me busy. I've even had a couple after work functions that have gotten me out to meet people.

I finally got my apartment and all my stuff which is good. My place is more expensive than I wanted to spend but I have my garage, it's gated, plenty of room, and my complex even has a dog park! You know what's funny is that I just spent all this money on getting new leather couch for Sexie to hangout on....and she's spends all her time laying on the top stair! Really? I spent all that money so you could lay on this nice couch with easy cleanup and you prefer the floor!

My apartment is coming together slowly but surely. I got my stuff last week and now I just need to figure out where I'm going to hang what where. I finally have space!!

I even started doing a little dating. I put myself back on to get back out a new city. I've been seeing a guy that so far seems pretty nice. The thing that I like about him is that he doesn't seem like a D-bag. He seems respectful. He seems to like me....which is always a plus.

I've even made a few friends but it hasn't been as easy as it was in Milwaukee. I made friends faster here but my freinds in Milwaukee seem to be deeper friendships! It's only been a month so time will tell....and it's early, but so far so good!


Rebecca said...

Yea! Happy for you! :)
Sexie is so funny. She'll come around and warm up to the couch in no time. For now, I'm sure the floor is much cooler in all of that heat.

See u on Friday!

Your "deep" Friend

Anonymous said...

you didnt have to leave milwaukee.
i found you attractive and very witty. BUT i must say that the reason your stiking out is YOU. yes you. your insecure, you want that storybook romance which you fixate on too much. you constantly rush into relationships yet all the while not wanting to let "it" go. have you been hurt by men before? yes. just sit back and stop worrying to much. having a shaved kitty is a definite plus. too bad you never gave me a shot. now that your gone i miss you loads. just saying.

Conquistador of Apathy said...

Sweet Christ, they shouldn't let someone graduate high school unless they know the difference between "your" and "you're". It's simple goddamn grammar people!