Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Many people have asked me if I'm going to miss Milwaukee. The before I even have a chance to answer they say..."Naw you're not going to miss it!" So let me clarify!

There is lots of things that I'll miss about Milwaukee and lots that I won't. Let's start with the things I won't miss then end on a high note.

Things I won't miss.

1. How small it is. I mean, you see the same people all the time. So say you break up with someone you see them all the time. I think there is only 1 guy that I dated here that I hardly ever saw. Everyone else it was at the gym, at the grocery store, at the beach, at the lake, at the bar, at the bar again...it's crazy.

Now the only thing is I'm a downtown dweller and some of these people also hung out in the same crowd. The only guy that I didn't run into all the time was none of the above. He was Ivy league boy, wine tasting, family island on the weekends kind of guy.

2. THE WEATHER!!! Besides the summer the weather here is HORRIBLE!!! I lived on the Eastside and parked on the street. 12 inches of snow on my car at 4am is not fun!!! Snot freezing to my face, dry skin everywhere on my body!! I won't miss that!

3. It's kind of expensive. I know it sounds crzy but it's true. I've lived in St. Louis, Austin, Portland. All of them I found to be cheaper for living. In st. Louis I had a 1br apt in the rich part of town. Granted it wasn't the fanciest place but it was super cute. Central air and heat, hardwood floors, and a parking spot in the underground garage...and it was $600!! For $600 you don't get a lot here. OH and the TAXES!!! Forget it!

4. Dating. Enough said!

Things that I will miss!

1. Summertime. It is a lot of fun and really beautiful. Living by the lake reminds me of of living in Portland. So mild and typically 85 degrees(unless you look today..it was 105 in Portland).

2. Living by the Lake. Sometimes from my porch I could hear it and it sounded like the ocean. It was awesome to take Sexie down there for walks in the summer. It was great to go for runs too. It made it so much easier. I find running to be so boring.

3. Tailgating. There's no doubt that people here know how to tailgate. They kind of do it in STL but it's nothing like here. It's an artform. From the bag game, the spread of food, playing random songs from your playlist really loud, and getting the biggest caravan you can!! It was awsome. I loved how my girlfriends and I would get our tailgates sponsored. AWESOME!!!

4. MY FRIENDS!! I meet so many great people here. I made some of my the best friends here in Milwaukee. My girlfriends are the best. And my good guy freinds are the best. Would I ever date my guy friends...no...but there are good guy friends.

The girls that I'm friends are not catty. They invite you over for brunch, cookouts, random impromtu dinners. I'll miss sitting around with a round of drinks and talking. Me telling ridiculous to the girls to make them laugh and talking totally inappropriately. AHHH GOOD TIMES!

I'll miss how my girls...we always had each others back. If I dated a D-bag...they stood up for you...sometimes even telling them off because they couldn't take them being selfish and treating you bad. I love them for that. Because you know that your friends sometimes can think more clearly than you in certain situations. They are looking out what's best or you even if it's not what you want at the time.

To my girls...Melissa, Colleen, Rebecca, Kristie, Jessica H, Leah, Jessica V, Jessica S, Courtney, Coutnee, Lottie, Mandy, Katie, Helen, Stephanie, Heather, Chelsea, Nancy, Linda, Jamie, Jen, the Liz's, Megan, Meredith, Merrilee, Niccoli, Oneda, Tamra, Vicky...love all of you!!


steven brandner said...

we will also miss you thanks being on the radio station and keeping us infopmed on what you do glad you got a job and keep up the good work in texas and you will always to great whereever you go

Rebecca said...

Gonna miss ya, Sweetie! Not sure what my "girls nights" will look like from now on...they will probably be few and far between.

Now I won't be able to say, "hey Erin, I found a great guy for you"....I won't be able to have random sushi nights.....I won't be able to crash with you and Sexie....who am I gonna rent movies with and have crushed Oreos in frozen yogurt while staying up all night to talk?....Pomagranate drinks won't be the same without you around....who's gonna get all crazy and shout random things with me without hanging up their phone?? (hehehehe)

Things won't be the same without ya. Guess I'll just have to pack a bag and take a trip down south someday soon.

Thanks for the Shout Out!

Houston Bob said...

Its hurricane season in Houston. Don't forget to buy flood insurance.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you about the weather. The summers are great. There's always so much to do. The festivals, the parade, the air show, art shows, baseball....& everybody does it. That's because the winters are so hard. The last two winters were horrible. Yesterday I realized the summer is already half over. Honestly, I can't bear the thought of another long winter. But I don't think I could handle the hot summers of Texas. I'd be a sweat ball.

Anonymous said...

A pathetic band of Pathetics. You and Rebecca. Sad, sad, sad. Beautiful women bring each other down with their own misery. Just hurts to see.

Erin Austin said...

Anonymous...what are you talking about...how is anyone bringing anyone down?

Pathetic? Pathetic is a term over used and irrelevant.

Pathetic is someone who makes a comment and needs to tear others down when the blog is meant to pretty positive.

Rebecca said...

Dear Anonymous II

Very kind of you to bring ME into your little rant. From what you just said, I can see that you DON'T know me. Because I'm not miserable...Far from it, in fact. My boyfriend is moving in soon, and things couldn't be sweeter.

As for missing Erin...of course, I'll miss her. She's my friend. It's certainly NOT pathetic. It's genuine.

To Erin's point, she may have been ranting about Milwaukee, and why she won't miss it, but that's her perogative....she's not from here. And she IS looking at Houston as a "brighter" place to be - despite being single, because it IS a new start.

The simple fact that you have to hide behind "Anonymous" to call someone names tells me that you're most likely deceiving your friends and family about who you really are - a judgmental, lonely person. Who else would spend their days reading blogs without anything nice to say? I'd say that looks pretty "pathetic" on your part... shame on you.

This blog is Erin's to write, and express her own personal emotions or stories. If you have nothing positive to offer in a comment, perhaps you should consider getting a life of your own!

Oh.... and thanks for the "beautiful" remark. ;)