Friday, March 6, 2009


It's not often that I get excited to meet famous people. I only get excited if it's people I really like in real life. Like today Conan O'Brien came by the station to shoot some promos for when he starts The Tonight Show.

I've been watching Conan since he started...years ago when I was a little 20 year old living in Eugene, OR and he had Andy as his sidekick. So when I heard that he was coming to the station I was sooo excited!! I was actually giddy!

He was so nice and just as funny in fact we had an old fashioned staring contest. He took pictures with everyone and had such a good time with everyone.

At the end of his visit he looks around and says.."Where is my stalker?" and then looks at me and says, "There you are!" We hug...and then he tells the group that he's taking me with him...and WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!! Of course...he's already married...story of my life!


Bill said...

He's got the stalker thing right on!

He's one smart fellow.


Erin Austin said...

Again, very funny.

I love it how men now come to my blog and take their one liner jabs at me.

This is amusing to me!

Anonymous said...

Are there any openings working for his show? It may not be in front of the camera but it would get you to a market with more possibilities than Milwaukee. He has a lot of power right now. Is there any way you can use that? Sorry if I sound ignorant, but I know nothing about the biz you're in. All the behind the scene stuff facinates me.

Mikey said...

I am jealous. I was out in NY last October but couldn't get to a show. Luckily, I was able to meet Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts and Sam Champion of Good Morning America but DAMMIT! I wanna meet Conan!!

what else have you been up to lately?