Monday, January 19, 2009


I don’t know what it is about this time of year that seems to get me down but it does. Maybe I’m vitamin D deficient right now, or PMS’ing at the moment. Or maybe I’m just starting to feel a little lonely.

I’m starting to feel like an endangered species! Ok…so that might be a little dramatic but 2 of my good girlfriends actually have boyfriends. And when I say actually let me clarify. These girls have been single for a long time. One of them is completely comfortable with her singleness and it never seemed to bother her. The other has had some interesting times with men and she wants to get married and have children. Now, don’t think for a second that I’m jealous of them. In fact, I’m very happy for them. I will say it makes for girls night plans a little harder but whatever. And now me and Melissa are the only 2 girls that I’m really good friends with that are single and not dating!

Like just now, I was on Facebook checking out some pages of my friends from high school. I started to notice that everyone I know is married, engaged or in a relationship with someone. I also noticed that I’m one of just a few without kids. That part doesn’t bother me so much but kids that were freshman when I was a senior are married now!!! What is the world coming to??? I think Melissa and I are going to be the last single women on earth!

I know I bring this topic up a lot and I’m beating a dead horse here but I can’t lie…I get a little lonely. And no matter how many times someone says “I know you’ll find someone great” it doesn’t make you feel any better. No matter how many times someone tells you “When you stop looking for it it’ll happen”; it doesn’t make you feel better. Let’s face it; everyone is looking for someone in some capacity. Someone told me to listen to the song by John Mayer ‘Good Love is on the Way’. I watched the video on YOUTUBE and he said at the beginning basically what I said, that everyone is looking for it. He also said let’s not focus on past loves, think of the future and put your faith forward. Sounds great. I just wish I didn’t get lonely. If I never felt lonely I would probably be just fine without anyone ever.

Alright, so…I just slapped myself and told myself to snap out of it!! The remedy for now will be…
1. Take more vitamin D
2. Tell myself I have bigger fish to fry right now.
3. Write myself love letters…ahh maybe not
4. Stay positive
5. Listen to that John Mayer song all the time
6. Find a gay man to love me!
7. And spend more time with my single girl Melissa…misery loves company.


Anonymous said...

Erin, I mean this in the best way possible ... maybe if you stop coming across as sooo desperate, you might attract someone that sticks around long term. I've read your blogs and used to listen to the morning show and practically everything that comes out of your mouth is woe is me, will I ever meet someone?, am I pretty enough?, etc... I think guys are looking for someone with a little self-confidence. Best of luck to you.

Erin Austin said...

I agree at times I may come across as desperate...BUT...I'm not.

Let's face it! If I were TRULY desperate then I would probably have a boyfriend. Because then I would just settle with ever I found laying around. I would be the girl that thinks every guy she meets that seems semi-normal she would have a "connection" with.

In fact, one of the guys I dated in the recent months I thought he's a nice guy...but not for me. He's acted too much like a girl.

Also, it's not that I don't have self confidence. I know that I have great things to offer someone. The part that I struggle with is when you see people that would rather have less than what you have to offer.

There are definitely times where I have my low confidence days. I think most people do...with me I just vocalize it. Most people keep it locked inside. They don't want to be precieved as weak.

I appreciate your thoughts. Remember, I have a thought and a moment and I write about it.

Anonymous said...

It's me again. What are you looking for in a man? Some one to snuggle with and give you backrubs? or go to the bar and pound down shots? Secondly Don't compare yourself to people in high school just because they are married it doesn't mean they are happy. I like your list, # 4 is a must, # 2 is good, # 3 I've got that one for you ;)

Erin Austin said...

What am I looking for in a guy? I've got a laundry list. Kidding.

I'd love to have a guy to snuggle with and gives back rubs...but the occasional shot is ok. I mean not all the time though...seriously think about the liver!!

I'm looking for someone that is a thoughtful and giving person. Gifts are nice and all...and I'll never look a gift horse in the mouth but someone that is giving with themselves and their time.

Nothing worse than dating or being married to someone that you have to be worked into their schedule.


Anonymous said...

Wow Erin, you have so many guys hittin' on you in your blog that I find it hard to believe this doesn't happen to you all the time. I don't know, maybe you just don't notice.

Erin Austin said...


Now I'd be a liar if I said that I never got hit happens occasionally but usually from a guy that I would never date.

For instance, a guy with a mullet, wears levis from 1993 and drives a camero. (Hey I love the movie 'Joe Dirt' as much as the next guy...just don't want to live it)

Or the guy that is separated from his baby's mama of 2, and doesn't work. (Do I look the girl that loves baggage and the Jerry Springer show?)

Oh and how about the guy that is married or has a girlfriend. (Now what makes you think I want to be someones side offense...but I'm good enough for the main course!!)

Anonymous said...

You are a main course, but I believe that you are so stuck on the physical aspects of a person, that you are over looking a lot of great guys that might just fit that laundry list, and heck they may even just do the laundry once and awhile.

You need to show more self confidence and be open to giving people a chance. From reading your blog I get the impression that you always believe that the grass is greener on the other side, not always true. I may not be a swimsuit model, but I am working on it, it is ashame you could not look past that...

Erin Austin said...

WHAT???'ve totally offended to the point where I think my next blog will be about this!!!

Have you ever seen the guys I've dated?? NO probably not. None of them are models. People may not find them hot...whatever. For whatever reason I found them attractive.

They weren't your typical tall dark and handsome. One was bald, one was short, one had a receeding hairline, one cried like a girl, one had a small you know what. They might not have been perfection but I found the attractive both physically and otherwise.

So before you read this blog thinking you KNOW what you're talking about and make a comment...maybe you SHOULD know what you're talking about.

And by the're attracted to what you like. I like a lot of different looks...but there are some things that one prefers and if a guy that takes care of himself is wrong for me to like then send me to prison. Who knows maybe you like girls with big boobs...and guess what I'm not like that! So whatever!

Erin Austin said...

and BTW...I'm not saying the guys I've dated are ugly...they were cute...they just maybe weren't everyone's cup of tea...get it!

Anonymous said...


I get it, I did not mean to strike a cord. I apologize for offending you.