Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I made a trip back home to the Northwest a couple of weeks ago. I spent a little time with my parents, and my best friend Desiree. I got to go skiing and spent a day in Seattle with my parents. I hadn't been back in a year and it was to get a taste of home again.

I thought I'd share some pics from the trip

Here's Desiree and I skiing at Mt. Hood
It was a crazy weather day for skiing. Snow was pelting us in our face the entire day. I think my face lost a layer skin.

If you ever think you're ready for kids..take a trip to Chucky Cheese. It's the best form of birth control ever.

Desiree and I a long with her boyfriend Nick grabbing some dinner at my favourite restaurant in Portland...Oba! Everytime I'm in town I eat there. I always get the Oba Ceaser and the ahi tuna dish.

On Sunday I took a drive to Seattle with my parents for the day...I hadn't been to Seattle in couple of years so I thought I needed to take it in.

In front of the Pike Street Market In front of the Original Starbucks!!!!

The beautiful Puget Sound


Anonymous said...

No matter what people say about how it rains all the time there, I still think that it is one of the prettiest places to live. :)
P.S. I know what you mean about Chucky Cheese being a mad house, I hate taking my kids there, but they love to go!:)

Trevor said...

I went to Seattle as a naive 18 year old sheltered mid-western boy. I came back tattooed, hungover from Ranier Beer and loaded with THC. It was only a week.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! When are you going to write again?

Trevor said...

Hey Erin,
Where ya been, eh?

dave said...

Erin...I am officially getting on your case for no new blogs lately :)

Anonymous said...

No new blogs after your trip back home?
What happened... di you give up?